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Friday, 26 May 2017

Tacoma Review, Story & Gameplay

Tacoma Review:

Tacoma is a space station exploration video game of Fullbright. Tacoma is set to release somewhere in 2017 for PC Windows, Linux, Mac OS X & Xbox One. Fullbright has not mentioned any release date so far.
Tacoma Review
Tacoma Review

Fullbright delayed Tacoma:

Fullbright who had previously created Gone Home is now working on a new project Tacoma. The upcoming game has been delayed till spring 2017 so its diehard fans would have to wait for some more time till they get their hands on a space mystery video game that seems to surprise everyone. It looks like the developers need more time to create a better game that would be different from the rest of the games of its genre.

Fullbright said they need to make some choices about where Tacoma was & how much more time it would require to complete. The game will not be available for one more year.

They further said they need more time to allow players to experience a bigger space environment then what we have achieved so far.

Tacoma Gameplay:

Tacoma Gameplay
Tacoma Gameplay

Tacoma utilizes zero gravity, augmented reality & vacuum toilets in hunt for lost team members. The space station has no gravity so you can fasten yourself to walls & ceiling using magnetic shoes. This will let you discover unseen regions & more secret to expose. The player can pick up & examine stuff throughout his discovery.

Tacoma New Gameplay Footage:

Tacoma developer released its gameplay footage which shows in depth the mechanics of Tacoma.

Tacoma is set on a discarded space station & you are given an assignment to discover the station & search for the lost members. They have uploaded a gameplay footage showing how this discovery will work.

You will find out locations to play recording of the missing team before they are lost in space station. This recording will show the holograms of crew members who will talk, move around and follow their daily routine. When you listen to the footage it will give you more details about what is happening & you will get to know about keys, codes & other vital stuff.

Tacoma Story:

Fullbright become established after its story journeying title Gone Home. Tacoma is their new project that is set on a space station. You can play this game as an outsider who is given job to discover what happened to the crew members on an abandoned space station by piercing together the lives of the earlier people.
Tacoma Story
Tacoma Story

The game allows fast forward & rewind feature and after the game was displayed at E3 2015 they rebuild how gamers can interact with those AR characters. The thing that is more important is how you can take out information from the footage.

Tacoma Price:

Tacoma Price: Not available yet

Tacoma Specifications:

Initial release date: 2017

Developer: Fullbright

Mode: Single-player video game

Platforms: Xbox One, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS X

Tacoma Gameplay Trailer:

Watch 5 minutes of New Tacoma Gameplay Trailer (Pre Alpha Footage).

Tacoma Gameplay Trailer

Routine Review, Gameplay & Story

Routine Review:

Routine is a 1st person survival terror video game set on an abandoned Moon base with procedurally produced surroundings. You need to search out sufficient information to expose the reality behind the bizarre disappearance of crews on the Moon Research Station. You will travel in the dark depths of the Station to reveal the truth behind the onboard missing crews.
Routine Review
Routine Review

The game is set onboard a space station and gives 80’s vision of the future. The game will feature permanent death that will not give you another option to continue so playing this video game would require more gameplay experience.

Routine is set to release in March, 2017.

Routine Gameplay:

Routine features randomly produced generation of risks. All sites can be discovered and items can be picked up with only a single life. The game features several finishes that depends on your actions.

The gameplay will allow you to discover any part of the complete open moon base and discover the secrets that other gamers may not.

You have to do anything to stay alive and gather sufficient information to expose the bizarre lost of the people onboard.  You need to shoot, take cover and run away as best as you can while avoiding the roaming evils and do anything to survive.
Routine Gameplay
Routine Gameplay

Routine introduces permanent death system that will put you on the edge as the game does not offer any health packs or checkpoints.

Gamers can use a weapon known as CAT and its abbreviation is Cosmonaut Assistance Tool which can be updated with floppy disks that alters the capability of the weapon.

Routine features permanent death, randomly produced rivals, items and non linear surroundings.

Routine Story:

Routine is a science fiction horror video game developed by Lunar Software. The tale focuses on finding the reasons behind the crew lost at the Lunar Research Station. The hero moves through dark halls of the Station, discovering its coverts & revealing information about the lost crew. The game gives you only one weapon that is a special fixing tool which looks like a magnum. The hero can alter this tool using disks that are found around the facility. The developers give stress on realistic surroundings that gives true experience and you have only one chance to end the complete game. The game allows multiple endings that are based on the player actions. Several parts of the facility are randomly created including zombies or the locations of NPCs. As a consequence every walkthrough can be entirely diverse from the earlier.
Routine Story
Routine Story

Routine Development:

Routine was announced at Gamesom 2012 but the game development team took too long and still only Steam copy of the game is released but the official release of the video game is not yet announced. The diehard fans of Routine are waiting for the official release of the video game.

Routine is the first video game of the English indie studio – Lunar Software which contains only 3 members. Mick Gordon, who is the co-creator of the audio and before working on this game he composed music for some popular video games including Crysis 3, Need for Speed & Dead Space III.

The tale revolves around the strange vanishing of the team of the Lunar Research Station. In order to solve this mystery, we move into the dark facility and rooms of the Moon base, revealing the hidden truth behind the crews disappearance. The developers have stressed mainly on the thrill & terror aspects and they offer very little weaponry, no medical kits for health revival & no checkpoints. We can only use one tool that is a repair device also known as CAT. It can be upgraded with disks found in the facility and in few cases it can be used as a weapon.

The most interesting part of the game is its randomly produced elements including the hazards that are waiting for you & the sites of the computer controlled characters.

Routine Price:

Routine PC Windows Price: Not available yet

Routine Mac Price: Not available yet

Routine Specifications:

Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror

Platforms: PC Windows, Mac

Languages: English

Players: Single player

Routine Walkthrough:

Watch Routine fast loading alpha demo walkthrough trailer. We have posted Routine beta walkthrough for fans who want to check out the gameplay of upcoming game before you pre-order it. We will post Routine full walkthrough once the game is officially released.

Routine Walkthrough

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Project Sonic 2017 Review & Gameplay

Project Sonic 2017 Review:

Project Sonic 2017 is the upcoming edition in the Sonic the Hedgehog sequence that is set to release in 2017. It will be created by Sonic Team and it was earlier exposed at The Tokyo Joypolis Sonic twenty fifth party in 2016. At the conclusion of the party they released the 1st teaser trailer. The developers will make sure they return the collaboration b/w typical and modern Sonic since the 20th anniversary video game Sonic generations. Inspite of the early admired idea though this game is not a follow-up to the earlier Sonic series.
Project Sonic 2017 Review
Project Sonic 2017 Review: A huge destruction machine has destroyed the entire city. Sonic must fight the enemies in order to protect the town.

Project Sonic 2017 Gameplay:

The upcoming Sonic Project 2017 gameplay will be fully different from the recently released titles Sonic Colors & Sonic Generations indeed, when the upcoming Sonic was for the first time exposed it was told to be not a follow up, but a fully fresh new experience. The game also took some concepts from the earlier games so some of the journalist thought it is a follow up to Sonic Colors and Sonic Generation as it has copied some materials from those games but the developers confirmed that it is a fresh title and the upcoming Sonic’s tone has been largely disguised to be Darker and Edgier than earlier games in the series. When the gameplay title begins darkness start spreading in the earth and there is an urge for a hero who can handle such disastrous situation as everything was on fire but luckily a hero Sonic starts running to cut down the evil forces who has spread chaos. As the teaser trailer progresses, a friend of Sonic helps him out in fighting evil forces.

From both the Sonic colors and Sonic Generations, the teaser trailer supports players to begin fighting against a huge destruction machine who have destroyed the entire town.

You can watch the teaser trailer below:

Watch Project Sonic Teaser Trailer that was uploaded at the end of the Tokyo Joypolis Sonic twenty fifth party in the mid 2016.

Project Sonic 2017 Development:

Sonic was proclaimed at Sega's twenty fifth anniversary of the sequence in July 2016. Sonic is in creation by Sonic Team that had recently created Sonic Colors & Sonic Generations. Some people thought that it is a follow up to Classic & Modern Sonic but it was proved that it is not a follow up but a fresh video game that is not linked with any other title. The game will be released for PC Windows, PS4, XBox One & Nintendo Switch in 4th quarter of 2017.

The fresh Sonic project protagonist may be recognized in the upcoming months, but Sonic will not release until Christmas 2017.
Project Sonic 2017 & Sonic Mania announced for current consoles
Project Sonic 2017 and Sonic Mania both were announced for current generation consoles.

Sega proclaimed 2 Sonic video games in their 25th anniversary including Project Sonic 2017 and Sonic Mania, both of them are for current generation consoles. Most of the surprise and thrill is encircling Project Sonic 2017 that is a brand new title.

The teaser trailer showed a fresh adventure set to release in the Christmas holidays of 2017 in which two of the modern day Sonic & typical character of last year will work jointly.

Project Sonic 2017 Price:

Project Sonic 2017 PS4 Price: Not available yet

Project Sonic 2017 PC Price: Not available yet 

Project Sonic 2017 XBox One Price: Not available yet

Project Sonic 2017 Nintendo Switch Price: Not available yet

Project Sonic 2017 Specifications:

Initial release date: December 2017

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Developer: Sonic Team

Publisher: Sega

Genre: Platform game

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC Windows
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