An interview with Game Developer, Inverge Studios:

Inverge Studios is a Video Game Developing Studio, located in Lanzadera, Valencia (Spain). It was founded in November 2016 by six Multimedia engineers, who worked together for four years, and won several awards. Till January 2018, it has developed remarkable mobile games which have gained more than 200k downloads. Inverge Studios developed Effie, which was launched in June 2019 on PS4 and on receiving immense success, it is re-launched in January 2020 on PC. It is a 3D action-adventure game about an old hero and his magical shield.

Inverge Studios - Developer Interview

Inverge Studios is approached for an interview and the request is granted. The answers given are as:

Q) Let's start with something about yourself. How did you start your own game studio?

A) Well, all of the founders were in the same university career ─Multimedia Engineering─. During the university we had a good feeling working together and we won some awards with our projects. So, when we finished it, we decided to try it by our own. We knew that it was now or never.

Q) Effie looks incredible. What makes it unique?

A) Thank you! Effie is a 3D platformer game released in 2019! What’s more unique than that? Talking seriously: we wanted to make your shield Runestone a special fellow traveller. So for that we had planned a lot of abilities and mechanics with it. Sadly, due to the limited time, we had to remove some of them. But that’s only one part of the core. We were also looking for good aesthetics, platforming and an enjoyable run. And I think we achieved a good result!

Q) Can you briefly describe your game?

A) Effie is a modern 3D platformer game, inspired by the classic platformers from PlayStation 2. Our old Galand, who has been cursed by an evil witch, would have to embark in a fantasy adventure to recover his youth. On his way, we’ll find Runestone, a powerful magic shield able to help him in his quest.

Q) What is your favorite part of game design?

A) We like the part of experimenting with mechanics. Working on some and remaking them until we have a food feel. The most satisfaction comes when, in the firsts events you expose the game, people enjoy those mechanics. That’s the greatest.

Q) What game are you most proud of developing and why?

A) Until now, Effie. It’s our biggest project for now. And there’s a lot of love coming from the players, which make us feel proud. Also, making a game for PC and consoles platforms gets a lot of repercussion. We worked before on some mobile games, like Become a Legend, and while it had more users than Effie, it never had such noise.

Q) Video game developing can be a tiring process; how will you refrain from burning out?

A) Right now we feel we’re just starting. We go to the office with enthusiasm, because we think we can do big things. So the key for us is a good motivation and no crunch.

Q) What advice do you have for people who are interested in the promotional aspect of gaming (for marketing)?

A) I don’t think we can tell great advices in marketing, as we have a lot to improve. But if you’re going to self-publish, having at least one person on the marketing bench during the development is a must. Games rarely sell by themselves. Marketing from day one, target your game audience, pay ads, and try to make all the possible noise for the day of the game release.

Q) Any new game in the works?

A) Yes! I can’t tell much about it, but we're very excited with it!

Thank you, Inverge Studios for giving us time and sharing views about yourself. I am more than impressed by your talent and passion for your work. I believe we will be getting more marvelous games in future.

Inverge Studios is recently developing a game about which the team is very excited and willingly keeps its viewers in great suspense and curiosity.


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  2. Great success story and I agree marketing is a must for any sale. Hope things are okay with you and your team and current situation in Spain doesn't cause any obstacles in releasing your new game.

  3. Another great interview and an insight on the development team.


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