Help Will Come Tomorrow Top Features, Enhancements, Local (Offline) and Internet (Online) Co-op Multiplayer Mode:

Help Will Come Tomorrow Review

Help Will Come Tomorrow Plot:

The game plot takes place during October Revolution in Siberian wasteland. Some travelers survive a disaster that takes place on the Trans-Siberian railway train. Those survivors have to stay alive in an ice-clad climate & have to wait until someone rescue them. They need to face challenges including their own weaknesses & have to work together in such extreme cold.

Help Will Come Tomorrow Story
Help Will Come Tomorrow Story
(Image Credit: Klabater)

Help Will Come Tomorrow Mechanics:

Players have to focus on survival by looking after their needs, collecting resources, growing their camp, ensuring security, & discovering surrounding areas. They need to know about other characters, their personality, & beliefs. They must help other characters in conflict resolutions & encourage them. Only cooperation can ensure the survival of all the people in this catastrophe.

Help Will Come Tomorrow Gameplay
Help Will Come Tomorrow Gameplay
(Image Credit: Klabater)

Players could be selfish but if they really want to endure then they need to cooperate. The game uses a dynamic weather which consists of survival challenges, & it focuses on relationships b/w characters that are from different origins & social classes, each of the characters have their own tales & history.

Help Will Come Tomorrow Features:

  • Characters in the game are of different classes, having different personality & beliefs. Players need to try to bring an understanding among the characters & must solve issues they face.
  • Players must manage resources in order to survive in the Siberian wilderness.
  • Guide nine different characters who are from different societies.
  • Know about those characters’ stories.
  • Deal with the extreme changing weather conditions to stay alive.
  • Know about the in-game Event system built on personalities of characters.
  • Go back to the 1917 Russia & enjoy the experience of that time.

Help Will Come Tomorrow Review:

Help Will Come Tomorrow uses 2 unique features, touching story & real historical background. Game Publisher, Klabater have aimed to develop a compelling & touching narrative driven survival game. They think that stories matter a lot in games. They have added a new attribute, as their game is focused on a real historical background. They love history & they are using it as an asset to tell immersive narrative about the people condition.

Help Will Come Tomorrow Review
Help Will Come Tomorrow Review
(Image Credit: Klabater)

Every character has an inventory from where they can choose weapon & upgrade their skills. This game focuses on survival aspects because you need to fight bears using weapons & use resources wisely. Characters can catch cold so make sure they are warm.

From graphical perspective, this game shines. The game uses cutscenes to tell the story. Hear the conversation between characters to know in which direction the story is progressing & enter your choices that have consequences. Characters have different backgrounds & history so at times they may argue. You need to resolve their disputes until they are rescued. They can only wait for help as they can never escape this place on their own. They must grow their camp, gather resources & eat healthy meals if they want to endure for long.

Help Will Come Tomorrow offers extensive options in co-op multiplayer mode. You can enjoy this game with other players via split-screen through offline (local) networking on the same device. Also the game provides more options for playing with other players online via internet. 

I hope you have enjoyed various top features and enhancements of Help Will Come Tomorrow.

Help Will Come Tomorrow Key Features:

  • Genre: Adventure, Simulation, Strategy
  • Developer: Arclight Creations
  • Publisher: Klabater
  • Franchise: Klabater
  • Platforms: PC Windows, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch


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