An Interview with an ambitious video game streamer, voice actor & developer, KillinCat:

Since January 2020, we are interviewing inspirational and ambitious streamers and game developers / publishers. Recently, we approached KillinCat, a worthy voice actor, streamer and game developer. He obliged us by sharing his success story.

The interview session follows as:

Streamer, KillinCat
Video Game Streamer, KillinCat

KillinCat Trivia:

  • Started steaming: March of this year.
  • Favorite game genre: Action RPG.
  • Favorite game(s): Pikmin, Harvest Moon, Dark Souls 2.
  • System(s): PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS4 Pro, PSP E-3000, 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS, PS3 , Wii U, XBox 360, Wii, PS2, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSLite,  GBA SP, GBA, GB, NES, SNES.
  • Streaming Platform: Twitch and Youtube.
  • Favorite Streamer(s):  MahDryBread, and EnvisionItStudios, of course. I don't watch many streams otherwise, as I am usually very busy.

Q1. What has made you start streaming?

A. I planned on completing two games, called "The Suffering: Prison is Hell" and "The Suffering: Ties That Bind". They are relatively unknown, and not all the information on them is available yet on the Internet, even though they have been around for 16 and 15 years respectively. So I have been streaming those two games once or more times a week since then.

Q2. Which factors are responsible for your success in the field?

A. Good friends, and good games.

Q3. What is the key to success in streaming? Please explain to the readers.

A. On Twitch, the key to success for streaming is interaction with your audience. On Youtube, it is likes and comments.

Q4. Which unique things you practice with regards to streaming?

A. When I stream, I try to pick to show things I haven't seen shown before, such as with my The Suffering series streams. They are very well made, fun games, with little attention on them. It makes it hard to get a large audience with those games, but it is in my opinion very worth it to preserve information that could otherwise be lost.

Decision 4: Red Daze Screenshot
Decision 4: Red Daze Screenshot

Q5. Which challenges you face in streaming, and how you manage them?

A. I haven't really faced any challenges streaming, I believe. I had to wait some time before I felt comfortable streaming, though. I lived in a house with my in-laws before, and didn't really have the time or necessary silence to dedicate to streaming.

Q6. What advice would you give to new comers in the field?

A. Play fun games that you are good at, and have a unique skill or talent. My talent seems to be finding a way to break the games I play in some way, for better or worse, even if I'm playing the intended way.

Decision 4: Red Daze Screenshot 2
Decision 4: Red Daze Screenshot 2

Q7. If there is any information or knowledge that you would like to convey to the readers as a streamer?

A. Don't be afraid to be a person and not a personality. Some people forget who they are when they stream, in favor of an internet personality. In doing so, they lose what makes them real. I have a hard time with this, sometimes. Being you is a very important part to success, so be you.

Thank you, KillinCat for covering the interview. We wish you greater successes in future.

Decision 4: Red Daze
Decision 4: Red Daze

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  1. great discussion. keep it up

    1. It's worth than discussion. Amazing interview. Boy you rock.

    2. Hello Friend! Thank you so much for a positive feedback.

  2. Thanks for the interview! It is always interesting to know the stories of good people! :)

    1. For me its an honor to share success stories of professionals. Thanks for your kindness.


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