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Under the Jolly Roger provides a final skill to free roam 3 big worlds containing many colonies & fortresses, 100s of missions, & many vessels for looting.

This game allows players to trade, battle, discover, or invite buddies to complete the chores together. Under the Jolly Roger consists of 100s of missions.


Global Map:

Enjoy countless sailing in real time & you can take the help of a Global Map in navigation.


Improve Pirates:

Under the Jolly Roger let’s players level their pirates, from sea rats to a legendary pirate.


A Journey from Sea Rat to a Legendary Pirate:

If you want to enjoy the life of a sea rat then this game is for you. It lets you join hands with your squad & battle enemies together. Also, you can steer your vessel through hazardous weather conditions. It is an open world role playing game featuring pirates that puts you in the boots of a ship captain, who steers the ship, & completes the adventure containing risks & plunder. Discover the ocean & complete more than 100 amazing missions.


Naval Battle:

It lets you destroy rival vessels or capture them. Earn wealth with trading. Improve your vessel, cure the injured crews, & pay them.


Weapons & Upgrades:

Select your weapons cleverly. You can use different kinds of cannons & guns, as well as buy & upgrade magic crystals. Beat your rivals after summoning a big octopus or using fireballs to wreck their ship.


Dangerous Sea:

The ocean is brutal & unfaithful. You will have to fight against harsh weather conditions, hurricanes, & creatures.


A true Pirate:

Play this game as a true pirate. Discover the big ocean in real time, this game will include many risks & escapades. You can improve your vessel & its sailors, & become the legendary pirate.


Under the Jolly Roger Release Date:

Under the Jolly Roger releases on 3 March, 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X. It is also available on Nintendo Switch & PS4. 

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Under the Jolly Roger HD Backgrounds:

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Under the Jolly Roger Wallpaper
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Under the Jolly Roger Background
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