Differences of FIFA 23 VS FIFA 22 in Graphics:

FIFA 23 allows users to enjoy next-generation HyperMotion 2 Technology, world cup for both men & women teams, women’s club soccer, Cross Platform Multiplayer & many other features.

The 30th game of the popular football video game franchise created by Electronic Arts.

Users can play football matches in many real stadiums across the globe. This game consists of many licensed teams, both national & club level that includes accurately recreated footballers. Users need to lead their team & win single matches, leagues, & tournaments. FIFA 23 supports both solo & multiplayer modes.

Graphics Comparison of FIFA 2023 VS FIFA 2022:

In the below video, the graphics of FIFA 23 are compared with FIFA 22. All the screenshots of FIFA 23 are taken from the official game trailer. These are not a finished game comparison or the real in-game screen, & EA has not officially compared FIFA 23 with FIFA 22. A fan who compared FIFA 23 VS FIFA 22 made this video. Both FIFA 2023 VS FIFA 2022 are compared side by side.

FIFA 23 VS FIFA 22 - Graphics Comparison

When FIFA 23 is compared with the early 2000s’ FIFA, you will find heaps of improvements. The differences from one FIFA to another are increasing. FIFA 23 is slightly improved in graphics when compared to FIFA 22. The grass is more authentic with a greenish look, & graphically FIFA 23 is more detailed & refined.

FIFA 2023 VS FIFA 2022 - Differences in Graphics

The free kick visuals have seen little modifications, & footballers’ statistics have been shown in a new way. The new outfits are updated for every club, & the facial expressions have been modified.

FIFA has a monopoly in the soccer games market due to its authentic graphics, excellent gameplay, & heaps of modes & features. Every year we see improvement in visuals & gameplay of FIFA.

Electronic Arts have refined the faces of footballers in FIFA 23. FIFA 23 uses HyperMotion2 Technology that offers more authenticity to the gameplay. HyperMotion makes its debut on PC, with double real-world motion capture to offer more authenticity to the gameplay. HyperMotion2 offers new aspects & takes the latest game to more than 6000 true to life animations from millions of frames of advanced eleven versus eleven Match Capture.

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