Can you play Local or Online Co-op – PVP Multiplayer – Cross Play in Rytmos?

A music game that lets users solve puzzles. The riddles of the game are easy. You need to crack riddles set in little worlds that will unlock more pieces of the playing track.

Does Rytmos support Couch or Online Co-op Multiplayer?
Does Rytmos support Couch or Online Co-op Multiplayer?
Image Credit: Floppy Club

Can you play Local Co-op in Rytmos?

Local Co-op is unsupported in Rytmos.


Can you play Online Co-op in Rytmos?

Online Co-op is unavailable in Rytmos.


Can you play Local PVP Multiplayer in Rytmos?

Local PVP Multiplayer is not included in Rytmos.

Can you play Online PVP Multiplayer in Rytmos?

Online PVP Multiplayer is not available in Rytmos.


Can you use Cross Play in Rytmos?

Cross Play is unavailable in Rytmos.


Can you use Cross Progression in Rytmos?

Cross Progression is unsupported in Rytmos.




Couch (Shared / Split Screen) Co-op


Online Co-op


Mix (Couch + Online) Co-op


LAN Co-op


Couch (Shared / Split Screen) VS Multiplayer


Online VS Multiplayer


Mix (Couch + Online) VS Multiplayer


LAN VS Multiplayer


Cross Platform Multiplayer



Rytmos Gameplay:

A calming riddle game that allows users to make music by cracking mazes.

Explore track by cracking riddles. The developers of Rytmos, ‘Floppy Club’ make games based on music & sound.

The in-game action of this game is displayed from an isometric perspective. Rytmos is set in angular worlds; each of them consists of 6 riddles. Riddles are related to leading a way through multiple black dots in such a way as to come back to the beginning point. The solution of every riddle will allow users to hear the complete track.

Tracks played during the game are focused on Japanese, African & Germanic melodies of the 1970s. During gameplay, users will be able to access different modifiers & instruments, the former lets users test with the sound of tracks played in specific worlds, while instruments let them augment these tracks with their personal tunes.


Rytmos Launch Date:

Rytmos is set to be launched on PC on 28 February 2023. Rytmos is developed & published by Floppy Club.

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