Differences between MotoGP 23 VS MotoGP 22 in Gameplay & Features:

MotoGP 23 is the official video game, & it covers the whole season action as well as provides a collection of new attributes.

Users can enjoy flag-to-flag races that use dynamic weather, compete others in ranked online matches, & interact with others using social media.

Milestone usually reveal the announcement trailer of MotoGP a few months prior to the game launch. MotoGP 23 is launching on 8 June 2023, & Milestone has landed an announcement trailer, which shows a new rider versus an established legend.

MotoGP 23 Announcement Trailer

The trailer does not reveal much gameplay. However, we can see dynamic weather where more realistic gameplay will be available via flag-to-flag races that allows riders to change motorcycles when they return to the pit stops.

The historic content that debuted in MotoGP 22 is not shown in the reveal trailer.

A new social media allows users to communicate with other racers, teams, & manufacturers. Rivals controlled by artificial intelligence will respond to users diversely in the race based on their relations on social media.

An innovative Turning Points system allows users to advance through diverse classes quickly based on their performances.

We have explained every pre-launch Differences between MotoGP 23 VS MotoGP 23 in this article.

Ranked Multiplayer:

MotoGP 23 features an immersive online multiplayer ranking system. Nevertheless, in Milestone’s Monster Energy Supercross 6, a similar touted aspect turned out to be a form of online leaderboard. More information about this feature will be available near game release.

MotoGP 23 offers a complete Cross Play to allow users to face their buddies regardless of their platform & console generation. The new Ranked Races allows users to compete against other racers having the same skill level to enjoy the deep & daring duels. Cross Play works between PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S. Sadly, PC & Nintendo Switch does not support Cross Play.

Couch Split Screen multiplayer is available in MotoGP 23. However, this mode is excluded from Nintendo Switch.


Career Mode of MotoGP 23 VS MotoGP 22:

One of the most exciting features of MotoGP games is the career, which was available in MotoGP, Moto2, & Moto3, where users started from the beginning & progressively improved their rank.

We have not seen big changes in the career mode in the past years. Finally, the career mode of MotoGP 3 has seen major enhancement, thanks to the Turning Points, which integrates with the rival system. A social media is available too that allows users to interact with real life users depending on on-track performance.

The electric MotoE category is included too for solo events & multiplayer.

Managerial Career is expected to be added to MotoGP 23, which lets users make their own squad or connect with a real one. Users will maintain all features of the squad’s strategy, from motorcycle improvement to recruiting staff members.

Users can customize the season letting them select which Grand Prix they decide to race on from different calendars.

To assist new users, MotoGP 22 offered a revised tutorial. These short play sessions offered custom rules to help users learn the gameplay basics.

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Social Media:

Have a look at your rivals & start building your career.

In the renewed career, users have the opportunity to communicate with other racers, squads & manufacturers via social media. Very similar to real life social media, users will be able to befriend other bikers, as well as they can make rivalries who will act differently in races depending on their interactions on social media.


Turning Points:

The road to victory will test users even harder. With new Turning Points, users can race quickly through different classes based on their performance. Users can contest against other racers to improve their presence & sign in contracts, & overcome challenges for speeding up their motorcycle development.


Flag-to-Flag Races:

A highly requested attribute, dynamic weather is available in MotoGP 23. In the new game, races begin in dry weather & when it rains, it will force bikers to return to the pit stop, & ride a motorcycle adapted for rainy weather. This rule is taken from grand prix, where bikers need to change their motorcycle in the pitstop.

In the previous MotoGP games, users could race in dry or wet weather, but the weather was not dynamic & the pit stops were not available.


Dynamic Weather:

Users can use weather against their rivals. The weather of this game is extremely unpredictable. The dry ride is changed into the wet contest, where users need to use their abilities & tactics to beat their competitors.


Ease for Beginners:

Users need to prove their mettle for becoming the true champion. To achieve the glory, users no longer need to be a diehard biker as they can use the new neural riding for assistance in brakes, acceleration & handling, which makes the gameplay very easy for beginners.


Adaptive Difficulty:

The new MotoGP 22 Academy helped users in improving their bike riding style, & finishing the lap quickly. A new adaptive difficulty system assisted users with pop-up messages for providing hints on maintaining the game hardness.

The fan favourite Academy returns, which assist racers in learning the basics or perfecting their play style via training.



Users can modify their helmet, sticker, race no. etc. with a wide variety of customization.


New Circuit:

A new circuit named Sokol International Racetrack, which is located in Kazakhstan, will be available for racing in the original sport in July. However, it is not yet confirmed if this circuit will be a part of the video game at release.

MotoGP 22 featured a documentary style gameplay mode that recreated the 2009 season. However, it is not yet confirmed whether this mode will make it to MotoGP 23.


Official Riders and Tracks:

Official riders & tracks from the official MotoGP 23 sport are added to the new chapter of the fan favourite franchise to allow users to enjoy the emotions like the original sport.


Release Date:

MotoGP 23 is set to be released on 8 June 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch & PC.

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