Comparison between Madden NFL 24 VS Madden NFL 23 VS Series:

Madden NFL 23 was criticized by fans. Since 2013, the Madden NFL series has failed to score higher than a user score of 6. However, press & reviewers give the series good reviews. It may be because each new game is slightly improved from the previous. Maybe they want to have a good relationship with EA. Alternatively, reviewers & press might not have given enough time to play the games in depth.

In this article, I have highlighted the issues that persist with new Madden NFL games because these problems might put the future of Madden NFL games in danger.

Why have fans criticized recent Madden NFL games?

Fans are not happy with the Madden series due to bugs & flaws in gameplay & modes as well as glitches that affect the overall experience. Franchise mode has been criticized for its server problems that let more than half users completely lose their Franchise progress.

Those who lost their saved data had been offered discounts & closed beta access. Reportedly, EA Sports have improved the Franchise mode & this mode is one of the big focus of the developer. Enhancing contract management is a heavy emphasis of EA as well as users will experience many little additions & alterations to the mode.

Comparison of Madden NFL 24 VS Madden NFL 23
Comparison of Madden NFL 24 VS Madden NFL 23
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Old features missing from Madden NFL 24:

New games in the series are lacking many old features. New Madden should add features that delighted the fans in the past. Yes, the series should skip some old features & add new features but certain attributes that make the old games great should remain.


New Engine is required for future Madden NFL games:

The series has seen major issues in the past. Some of the problems persist to this day. One of them is the new Madden games using the Frostbite engine. This engine was used for titles like Battlefield, & Dragon Age. EA Sports have used this engine to this day since Madden 18 & FIFA 17.

EA Sports should look forward to making a new engine that they should only use for their sports titles. Frostbite is not perfect for sports games. The engines that were used before Frostbite were far better, because they offered improved sports experience that focused on fun rather than needless realism in animations. We have seen new tackling, passing & catching animations, but they just look good to eyes. Fans buy Madden titles because they want to play fun gameplay rather than watching good animations.


How to fix the future of Madden NFL?

Now there isn’t any time to fix issues with Madden NFL 24. The game has passed the development stage & soon it will be available to fans. Considering these issues will help save the future of the Madden series.

First, we hope that Madden NFL 24 is a nice game. The enhancements to Franchise, along with some gameplay elements looks captivating. However, are these improvements worth $70? Are there many new attributes that give a feeling of a brand new title?

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