Differences between EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24) VS FIFA 23:

The era of FIFA has ended, as Electronic Arts hasn’t renewed the FIFA license. As an outcome, the new soccer game is named EA Sports FC 24 instead of FIFA 24. However, not just the name has changed, but we have seen a number of significant modifications in the game that have been discussed in this article.

Fortunately, after the end of the FIFA license, EA Sports still hold the license for leagues, teams & athletes. Every prominent league including Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga etc are available in EA Sports FC 24. The important team not available in FC 24 is AC Millan but its footballers will be included in EA Sports FC 24, just with a changed team name & kit.

We have added all the major differences between EA Sports FC 24 VS FIFA 23 below. Some fans may search for this comparison with the following keyword: FIFA 24 VS FIFA 23:

Differences in EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24) VS FIFA 23
Differences between EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24) VS FIFA 23
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EA Sports FC 24 VS FIFA 23: Realistic Footballer Animations:

Electronic Art uses its latest HyperMotionV technology as one of the prominent updates for their latest soccer game. It utilizes volumetric data from over one hundred & eighty pro men’s & women’s soccer matches for simulation of ultra-realistic animations for the footballers.

Electronic Arts says EA Sports FC 24 will include a remarkable 1200 diverse signature run styles that will give a different appearance & feeling to every athlete. For example, Haaland runs differently from other athletes. Electronic Arts has offered him a renovated run style via ultra-realistic data captured from pro soccer matches.

The upgraded Frostbite engine is helpful in making athletes appear real. According to Electronic Arts, athletes will be more than ten times anatomically accurate than in FIFA 23, while shirts of athletes will stretch & ripple for extra realistic animations.


EA Sports FC 24 New Feature: Playstyles:

Another big alteration for the upcoming game in comparison to FIFA 23 is the addition of Playstyles. These signature abilities are offered to the talented athletes, which will unlock fresh skills to help each athlete feel more different.

Such as, users with defensive Playstyles will have an ability of a stop ball tackle that allows the athlete to get in control of the football quickly after a tackle, letting users execute a fast counter attack. The power shot will enhance the agility of the users’ strike on goal.

Athletes can have multiple playstyles.

Players who have been playing the series for a long time will likely say that Playstyles looks similar to the Traits system used in the past games of the series. It seems like Electronic Arts has rebranded it, as well as extended it with thirty-four brand new playstyles. A tier system is also available with Playstyles Plus, offering an extra enhancement to certain skills for elite athletes.


FC 24 VS FIFA 23: Women Athletes in Ultimate Team:

FIFA 23 added Women’s Athletes in the game, but women were only available in their own section inside the game, & so they couldn’t play with men.

Now women athletes will be playing side by side with men in the most recent Ultimate Team. It will let users make a hybrid team.

Electronic Arts will add 6 fresh Women’s Football tournaments in EA Sports FC 24: UEFA Women’s Champions League, National Women’s Soccer League, Barclays Women’s Super League, D1 Arkema, Liga F, & Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga.


EA Sports FC 24 VS FIFA Series: Ultimate Team Evolutions:

When players received a player card in the previous games of the series, as well as in FIFA 23, every statistical rating was fixed. This trend is altering in EA Sports FC 24, as users need to train chosen athletes to enhance their stats.

According to EA, users need to finish a set of goals to upgrade the abilities of athletes. In our assumption, some mechanic will stop athletes from improving their every card to a full 100 rating, but it is definitely exciting that cards will be levelled up which could mean that the silver & bronze cards will not be wasted.

As per Electronic Arts, the look of cards can be modified, such as fresh designs & animations could be added to give them a prominent position & showing milestones that athletes have achieved during training.


FC 24 VS FIFA 23: Player Agents for Player Mode:

Agents will have an extra active role in Player Mode for the new soccer game. You will not be doing all the transfer business alone, as agents will guide you through your soccer career.

New Career Path goals will unlock new paths for players to make them capable of influencing external clubs to make a transfer bid for them. EA hasn’t disclosed enough information about this topic, but it might make transfer sagas more dramatic than ever.


EA Sports FC 24 New Feature: Recruit backroom staff in the Manager Mode:

It appears as FC 24 can take a leaf out of the Football Manager series, as it seems like users will be capable of micromanaging the club by recruiting their own backroom staff. Electronic Arts has not confirmed this aspect however, one of the pre-order bonuses for EA Sports FC 24 adds a 5-star coach for the Manager Career mode.

According to Electronic Arts, the new game will have extra control over coaches & tactics; while there will be new training aspects.

Is FC 24 Worth Buying?

At the end of this article, we can safely conclude that EA Sports FC 24 is much better than FIFA 23 so start saving your pocket money as FC 24 will hit the stores on 22 September 2023.

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