Does Go Mecha Ball support Couch & Online Co-op | PVP Multiplayer | Cross Play | Cross Save?

A twin stick shooter focused on roguelike & pinball gameplay. This game gives players an objective to run & gun down their rivals while transforming into an orb that is able to bounce off objects, & gain pace via ramps & launches.

Does Go Mecha Ball support Multiplayer?
Does Go Mecha Ball support Multiplayer?
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Does Go Mecha Ball support (Local and Online) Co-op?

No, Go Mecha Ball does not support (Local and Online) Co-op.


Does Go Mecha Ball support (Local and Online) PVP Multiplayer?

No, Go Mecha Ball does not support (Local and Online) PVP Multiplayer.


Does Go Mecha Ball support Cross Play and Cross Progression?

No, Go Mecha Ball does not support Cross Play and Cross Progression.


Go Mecha Ball Description:

It takes place in a sci-fi world. Players will control mecha, who need to traverse through an alternate version of reality to confront a rebellious artificial intelligence attempting to close the portals linking it with their world.

A twin stick shooter playable from an isometric perspective. Players will control one of the machines, which have different gears & skills, travelling across the world filled with ambushes, barriers & rivals.

Go Mecha Ball is very quick paced as the protagonist can walk, shoot, & change itself into an orb that can roll around & bounce off parts of the surroundings. The levels of this game consist of ramps & launches that speed up the movement of the ball or allow players to cover a large air distance.

Players can use diverse weaponries, skills & gears. The main weapon of the mecha is firearms, however, players can wisely use skills, like summoning comrades, & ground slams are used to simply turn the tide of war. As players advance through the gameplay, they will unlock more powerful weaponries & skills, confront higher challenges & customize their android to suit their play style.


Summary: Go Mecha Ball Core Multiplayer Modes:

  • Offline Co-op: Not supported
  • Online Co-op: Not supported
  • LAN Co-op: Not supported
  • Offline VS Multiplayer: Not supported
  • Online VS Multiplayer: Not supported
  • LAN VS Multiplayer: Not supported
  • Cross Platform Multiplayer: Not supported

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