Is Unicorn Overlord Couch and Online Co-op – PVP Multiplayer – Cross Play?

Unicorn Overlord is a rebirth of tactical fantasy role-playing game. Battle versus your fate & start a royal escapade to restore your previous glory as well as your trusted buddies.

This game merges the timeless tactical role-playing game genre with discovery of the game world & unique combat system to give players a different fantasy experience.

Travel across a big planet, gather characters & control them in skilfully animated fights.

Perform daring actions & become popular in the 5 civilizations.

Grow a big army with more than sixty different heroes, including humankind & elves to large monsters & angels.

Is Unicorn Overlord Online Multiplayer?
Is Unicorn Overlord Online Multiplayer?
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Is Unicorn Overlord Local Co-op?

No, Local Co-op is unavailable in Unicorn Overlord so players cannot play together in the same living room with their family / friends.


Is Unicorn Overlord Online Co-op?

No, Online Co-op is not available in Unicorn Overlord so players cannot take assistance from their online buddies during gameplay.


Is Unicorn Overlord Local PVP Multiplayer?

No, Local PVP Multiplayer is unsupported in Unicorn Overlord so players cannot play against their family / friends in the same living room.


Is Unicorn Overlord Online PVP Multiplayer?

Yes, Online PVP Multiplayer is supported in Unicorn Overlord so players can play against their online buddies. Players can choose from 3 difficulties, & after a certain point, you will unlock an Online Multiplayer Arena, which is separate from the narrative campaign.


Is Unicorn Overlord Cross Play and Cross Progression?

No, Cross Play and Cross Progression are not supported in Unicorn Overlord so players cannot play against their cross-platform buddies and cannot share their progress between different platforms.


Unicorn Overlord Gameplay:

Players need to battle against their fate & begin a royal adventure to revive their glory with the help of their loyal friends.

It mixes timeless tactical RPG elements with exploration of the game world & inventive fight system for a different epic fantasy adventure.

Travel through a vibrant planet, gather your soldiers & lead them into exquisitely animated fights.

Perform challenging actions & expand renown throughout the 5 societies.

Expand a big military with more than sixty different units, ranging from humankind to elves to enormous creatures & heavenly angels.


Summary: Unicorn Overlord Main Multiplayer Modes:

  • Offline Coop: Not available
  • Online Coop: Not available
  • LAN Coop: Not available
  • Offline VS Multiplayer: Not available
  • Online VS Multiplayer: Available
  • LAN VS Multiplayer: Not available
  • Cross Platform Multiplayer: Not available

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