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Wild is an upcoming open world survival adventure video game developed by Wild Sheep Studio & published by Sony Interactive Entertainment only for PS4. Wild development started in 2014 at Wild Sheep Studio. The first trailer of Wild was released at Gamescom 2014 & at Paris Games Week 2015, the developers showed another trailer showing the gameplay of the upcoming game. After Paris Games Week 2015, the developers did not give any further updates about the game but in January 2017, Michel Ancel stated that the game is still in development & will use Linguini engine.

What happened to Wild?

The first trailer of Wild was uploaded in 2014. No release date for Wild was revealed & even now we don’t know when it is going to launch.

The announcement trailer of Wild showed an open world where you play as shaman & he can tame creatures. Nowadays usually games are announced a few months before launch or years before they are shipping. It means companies do not reveal information about the game even if that leads fans to think if the game is in trouble, or perhaps cancelled.

After one year, Wild showed up with a gameplay trailer at the Paris Games Week. After 2 years in development, it looked like Wild was almost complete because people were playing Wild on a TV. At one point, Ancel showed players that they can control different creatures to work together to achieve objectives.

And then it disappeared.

Wild Gameplay:

Wild is set during 10,000–2,500 BC in a procedurally generated world with seemingly endless size. The user controls a human and can use those animals which are small to spy on other human rivals while larger animals can be used to help the hero & his tribe in battle against other human foes. Users can control animals by using shamanic like powers and once player control an animal, the camera goes to the perspective of the animal & then user starts utilizing the skills, abilities & features of the creature. Wild let player utilize player instincts & perception to flourish in an extremely aggressive surrounding. Learn how to control living beasts & risk associated with controlling those creatures & how to use them fight against other human foes. The game gives player experience of being a creature & player would use their power to crush opponents & if player have chosen a small animal then player can spy on human foes that gives player time to plan how to sneak past or eliminate human rivals. Player can utilize the environment in mission for survival.

Player need to understand the planet as it is really the key part of Wild. Player has a bear who is player’s one of the best buddy in the game but in the beginning of the game, player is attacked by bears. Player think they are the real enemies but player must learn to know how those animals behave, how they think and how to put them to work. Player need to study, learn and plan before discovering the world around. May be things are quite simpler than it seems or maybe not.

Wild Story:

Wild Story revolves around magical shaman who can utilize his powers to take control of several creatures like an eagle, a rabbit & other species. He can also tame creatures for his personal use, being able to ride a bear in a long journey through the Wild’s ever green terrains. Wild is set in a procedurally generated world of seemingly infinite size. Wild includes real climate system including seasons & weather system. The game also features an online multiplayer mode. In the game player can play the game as any animal in the earth such as wolves, sheep, ants & more.

Review by Emily:

This game looks great, it looks cool but I am worried that it looks too scripted, anyway this is like one of my dream games!

Wild Specifications:

  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Platform: PS4
  • Genres: Survival game, Adventure game
  • Modes: Single player video game, Multiplayer video game
  • Genres: Survival game, Adventure game
  • Release date: 2018


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