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We have added everything we know about Just Cause 4 including its review, story, gameplay, silver & gold editions, flying gears, upgrades, multiplayer mode, setting, release date, trailer, walkthrough & you can find more information in this article.

Just Cause 4 Gameplay Demo:

The game is set in South American Island having rain forests, grass lands and Alpine region. In Just Cause 4, vehicles are coming in really big way including jets, helicopters, trucks, parachutes and many more. The game has a new weather system that can be extreme, extreme rain, lightning storm, tornados and so on.

Just Cause 4 Gameplay Demo (Gamescom 2018):

Square Enix has uploaded a gameplay demo of Just Cause 4. Now you can carefully observe the tornadoes which is 1 of the 4 extreme weather available in Just Cause 4. The trailer follows Rico as he diverts a tornado on a mission. The tornado was actually moving through the grasslands but he chases the tornado in an vehicle. The tornado hits the bridges, towers & anything that comes in its way. You can watch everything including the trajectory of every spiraling object in real time. Rico finally arrives at airport, which has been overtaken by the Black Hand. Your objective is to destroy the wind cannons keeping the tornado at bay. You can use any means to dispatch them but the trailer shows protagonist destroying the first with the railgun which is a new weapon.

You can use new weapons in the game but there are returning weapons which can be equipped in upcoming game as well. You can use the wing suit & grappling hook in Just Cause 4 which was also available in Just Cause 3. You can also upgrade them with new abilities & features.

Just Cause 4 Pre-order Silver & Gold Editions:

You can buy Just Cause 4 in two editions: standard & Gold. You can purchase the Gold edition for $90 which contains season pass & digital content. If you preorder Just Cause 4 Gold edition then you will receive the game 24 hours early i.e. on 3 December.

Just Cause 4 was announced during Microsoft’s E3 2018 Xbox press conference. A gameplay trailer of Just Cause 4 was presented. Series hero Rico Rodriguez will take the lead character role once again.

You are once again in war with The Black Hand but now you have to wipe them out at their home so they have the home advantage.

Just Cause 4 Gameplay:

Just Cause series is about spreading chaos through destruction but I was not expecting developers to have taken it this far. There is even a tornado & you will destroy a city using tornado in one mission.

You won’t have to visit a certain part of the map to pick up a singular story mission but there will be multiple missions spread across the map to complete & they can be done in any sequence.

The core of the game is the creative destruction & you can almost destroy anything like what we have seen in Just Cause 3.

Just Cause 4 Flying Gears:

Signature parachute, wingsuit & grappling hook is back & zipping around the island by using these gears in tandem with one another is almost unchanged from how these tools were used in previous title. Wind is a new element which will determine your mobility while in the air. You will no longer just hang in the air without your input in regions with wind.


The grappling hook is improved. Features like boost & retract are back which allow you to propel & draw in objects.

You can use the new mode system included in Just Cause 4 which let you change the behavior of balloons to inflate on your command, chase you or chase your crosshair.

Now there are mods that you can join to your grappling hook. You can stick balloons to objects & opponents which inflate quickly & lift shipping crates, vehicles or adversaries into the air.

No Multiplayer & No Battle Royale Mode:

There will be no multiplayer mode in Just Cause 4. Also the game will not include battle royale mode.

Just Cause 4 Setting:

Wind will cause trouble if you are hit by a tornado. You will be assigned a task to manipulate the tornado towards a city to destroy it & the tornado will tear apart everything that comes in its way including, bases, opponents, buildings & even aircrafts.

The game is set over 4 different terrains. You will cause disorder with 4 different Biomes with each one offering a different environment. Each Biome is divided into 2 separate sub-biomes so there will be lots of variety. We have seen jungle, snow, plains & desert.

Change Camera to First Person Perspective:

A big change is that all vehicles have their own aerodynamics which will play a role in physics calculation. You can change the camera angle from third person to first person view while driving an automobile. There are even more dangerous wind movement including blizzards, lightning storms & sandstorms. The lightning storms will help you in your mission because lightning have a tendency to hit objects that are higher up.

Just Cause 4 Story:

Rico will fight against Black Hand Mercenary group to liberate the fictional South American nation of Solis which is home to unpredictable weather.

The story is focused on Gabriella who is the ruler of the Black Hand organization. 

Just Cause 4 Release date:

Just Cause 4 was released for PS4, Xbox One & PC on 4 December, 2018.

More Information:

  • Release date: December 4, 2018
  • Developer: Avalanche Studios
  • Publisher: Square Enix Co., Ltd.
  • Series: Just Cause
  • Genre: Action-adventure game
  • Mode: Single-player video game
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One & PC Windows
  • Launch Price: $60


  1. Strategy, game play and graphics unmatched by any other game.

  2. Is this game as good as Just Cause 1.


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