Mathematics Online (remote) Tutors (teachers) for kids and adults learning:

I am a Mathematics teacher. I have diverse experience in quantitative subjects such as math, statistics, economics, finance, and business subjects. I also worked as an accountant at an NGO for over seven years. The purpose of my course is to first look at the understanding level of students and based on that design a study program that best fits student interests. The use of math in personal and practical lives such as budget preparation etc. is becoming important day by day in this dynamic world.

Basic concepts, theories, approaches, purpose of Mathematics and other quantitative subjects like accounting, business, finance, and economics.

Use and need of Mathematical knowledge to tackle daily problems such as developing logic to tackle problems faced by us on a daily basis.

Mathematics and quantitative subjects are difficult to learn and require a lot of commitment and hard work but once learnt can be very handy.

In Mathematics, the first step is always to develop the basic concepts and once the basics are developed, you move to learn advanced concepts and know about their use.

There are no prerequisites because my approach is to know about the student's understanding level and based on it, I decide how to teach them.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn mathematics including beginners and those who want to acquire advanced Mathematical knowledge.

Mathematics Online Tutors for kids & adults learning

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  3. Wah best academic tutors for children and their tutoring quality helped my sons in math...

  4. very useful kids math improved......he got good grades.....thanks

  5. Is this a Mathematics and Science teaching platform? What are the charges in US $ per month and per quarter quarter (3 months)? How many Tutoring sessions per week and session duration?


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