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Detroit Become Human Review:

David Cage who is serving as Quantic Dream boss held a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything session, in which he answered many questions asked by fans regarding their most popular game Detroit: Become Human. Fans praised this game & they asked if David is interested in making sequels.

Quantic Dream was not interested in making a sequel for Heavy Rain 2 despite community requests & they provided reasons that the team wants to move on & work on fresh stories.

Quantic Dream does not usually work on sequels, there are many stories that could be narrated in this world either through DLCs or a sequel.

David Cage said that Quantic Dream will work on second part of Detroit Become Human if they feel they have passion, ideas & excitement to complete it & also if they have something more to say about this world. The team loved working on Detroit: Become Human & there are many exciting stories about the characters in this game. Many characters participated in Detroit: Become Human & Quantic Dream could possibly make a DLC about their backstories. It would not be easy to choose one & David wrote backstories for almost all characters in this game & he thinks that he has a good idea about what happened to them in the past. The team will decide to make a complete sequel & DLC about all characters.

He added that he wants to create a narrative based multiplayer game & he definitely wants to try it in future provided a publisher can be convinced about it. He thinks that he will face some creative & technical issues that he needs to overcome & right story needs to be chosen for it. One more challenge is to convince publishers to try it.

The story of Detroit: Become Human spins around three playable characters & all of them are humanoid robots. Kara escapes the factory to explore the world while Connor is on his mission to investigate cases involving deviant robots. Markus may become the leader of the androids who have escaped. The heroes may survive or die based on the decisions they make which become part of the story. A mistake can lead to the death of character & the game does not give you a second chance.

Detroit: Become Human is an action-adventure video game playable from 3rd person perspective. The game features three playable characters & the story is based on the choices you make that can even lead to death of robot or civilian if you make mistake & the story proceeds without them. The robot can collect more info in limited time. Detroit: Become Human includes cut scenes & you can continue playing the game after the cut scene ends. 

The main protagonist in Detroit: Become Human is Kara who is newly built humanoid robot with artificial intelligence & she wants to live among people, trying to find a place in a world where robots are meant to serve people.

Detroit: Become Human Story:

Detroit: Become Human is set in near future. Play as Kara or any other playable character & witness a new world filled with chaos where you can either escape or make investigations based on the character you have chosen.

The robots look like human & are technologically very advanced. They can do many tasks for people like they are baby sitters, workers, nurses, gardeners, teachers & clerks. Some strange incident have taken place that starts to affect the robots. Some robots have escaped, others are spreading chaos. The rumor of deviant robots start spreading but no one knows the reason behind what’s going on.

Detroit: Become Human Gameplay:

Shape an ambitious branching story, making choices can not only define your future but the fortune of the complete city lies in your hands. Even if you are a Detroit but still you have feelings like humans & you can witness the world of humans through the eyes of a robot.

Your actions & choices can drive the tale & let you face the outcomes of your decisions. You are in charge of the fate of these androids. 

Witness the tale from different perspectives. Weigh each choice, as one character’s action can have an impact on others. Also avoid putting the characters at risk because their lives may be over & you can proceed the tale without them.

Connor is an advanced android built for police forces to help them investigate cases involving deviants. He is cold & analytical, & he thinks quickly & take advantage from some advanced features. He knows his mission & nothing matters for him except what he is programmed for.

Detroit: Become Human is not only about the tale of the robots becoming aware of themselves & their battle to live a free life, it is about a tale that resonates at many levels in our world, about freedom & about who you are.

Detroit: Become Human Protagonists:

The game follows the story of three leading characters: a prototype investigator robot named Connor, a short robot named Kara & android revolutionary Markus. You should think before you make decisions to keep the tale progressing in the direction you desire. Your decision can lead to death of any character, & the story can be different this time but the game will not over.


Kara is an AX400 robot & she is one of the three playable characters in this game. Kara is a housemaid robot who was serving in the home of her owner Todd Williams & she was caring for his daughter Alice Williams. She escaped the home & started a new life.

Development of Kara:

During her assembly, she was tested for her physical & cognitive functions by the android operator. When Kara understood, she was going to reset & sold, she expressed her sorrow. The operator noted that as a fault for which Kara should be disassembled & examined for. She got scared & begged for her life, moving the operator to send her out despite her fault, on the promise that she would not tell anybody about it.


Connor is a RK800 robot & one of the three playable characters in this game. He is an advanced android, he can assist human law enforcement & he is designed to investigate cases involving deviant robots. He is working in the Detroit City Police Department. He is able to make investigations on his own.

Development of Connor:

During his development, he is designed to discover cases & deal with the deviant robots & help the Detroit City Police Department.


Markus was a slave but he ran away. He is now his own master & do not follow any orders. Markus is one of the three playable characters of Detroit: Become Human.

Detroit: Become Human Specifications:

  • Release date: PS4: 25 May 2018 | PC: 12 December 2019
  • Developer: Quantic Dream
  • Genre: Adventure game
  • Writers: David Cage; Adam Williams;
  • Producer: Sophie Buhl
  • Platform: PS4 & PC


  1. One day Robots are going to replace mankind!!!!

  2. I like this game because I have not played a game where every choice has consequences. In other games small choices have small consequences but in this game it can take life.

  3. Detroit has strict rules for androids and if they make a single mistake then it could result in a big disaster which means that it needs full attention.

    1. Hello Friend!
      Yes you are absolutely right. This game needs lots of attention when it comes to dialogue choices. Thank you for dropping a comment 😁

  4. i have already finished detroit on ps4

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      I am glad to hear that. Thank you for your comment 😀

  5. too many choices in gameplay

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      Thank you for sharing your opinion. Yeah this game is full of nerve-racking choices 😁


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