Destiny 2 new update will help you in receiving new exotics:

The best thing in Destiny 2 is that when you eliminate a big alien enemy, a yellow engram drops which offers you a weapon or armor. However, all the excitement is gone if you already have the item that comes out of that engram.

Destiny 2 update has fixed this problem because now there are lesser chances of duplicate exotics that comes out of engram.

The type of exotics that are received by finishing missions are eliminated (like Malfeasance & Ace of Space,) from the random exotic drops, which is a good step to not picking up exotics which you already have.

Still there will be chances of duplicate exotic drops. When duplicate exotic drops happen, there will be more chances of receiving armor pieces as they have randomized rolled perks.

You can find more quality of life changes in the update 2.0.5, & you can find more information about this update on the Bungie blog. The update will be available with Destiny 2 weekly update, which is set to release on 30 October.

Destiny 2 on Google Stadia does not offer cross play with PC:

Destiny 2 on Google Stadia does not support crossplay with PC. Stadia users cannot play Destiny 2 with PC users & they can only play with other Stadia users.

Crossplay feature b/w Stadia, PC, & consoles is not available now. But there is still a chance of crossplay availability in future.

You can play PC version of any game on TV, laptop, Desktop or mobile using Google Stadia service. A cross saves service is available b/w different platforms so users can transfer their progress b/w their PC & Stadia versions if they wish.


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