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Tetris Effect Review | Gameplay | Modes

Tetris Effect Review, Gameplay, Game Modes, Features, Release Date, Trailers, Walkthroughs & More:

We have added everything we know about Tetris Effect including its review, gameplay, game modes, features, release date, trailers, walkthroughs & you can find more information in this article so keep scrolling till the end.

Tetris Effect Review
Tetris Effect Review

What is Tetris Effect?

The Tetris effect occurs when people devote so much attention & time to some activity that it starts to pattern their thoughts, mental images & dreams. It takes its name from the video game Tetris.

Tetris Effect Gameplay:

Tetris Effect is easy to learn & hard to master. The game will make you feel like an active participant of the overall sensory experience. You can play Tetris the way you always have, but you can change beats & other sounds based upon how you play, which creates a feedback loop.

The main mode also called Journey Mode will send gamers on a trip through 27 levels. Each level tells a story & let gamers feel different emotions as they play.

Tetris Effect Gameplay
Tetris Effect Gameplay

Most of Tetris Effect’s new content is packed into the Journey mode but there are unique game modes which offers more challenges. We have added all of the game modes with description below.

Game Modes:

1. Category: Classic:

Marathon Mode:

Marathon Mode can challenge gamers to achieve the best score within a 150-line limit.

Ultra Mode:

Gamers need to achieve best score within 3 minutes.

Sprint Mode:

Sprint mode lets gamers clear 40 lines as fast as possible

Master Mode:

Master mode is described as insanely fast Tetris.

2. Category: Relax:

Chill Marathon Mode:

Chill Marathon Mode is a simple version of Marathon with no game over. If the Tetriminos reach the top of the play field, they are removed from the board, leaving it empty again.

Quick Play Mode:

Quick Mode allows gamers to play through any single stage with no game over.

Playlist Mode: Sea:

This mode submerges players in 4 aquatic stages with a fresh, continuous track of relaxing ambient music.

Playlist Mode: Wind:

This mode glides players through 4 windy stages with a fresh, continuous track of relaxing ambient music.

Playlist Mode: World:

Players can discover 4 different stages with a fresh, continuous track of relaxing ambient music.

Tetris Effect Game Modes
Tetris Effect Game Modes

3. Category: Focus:

All Clear Mode:

All Clear Mode allows players to earn many All Clears in limited time. Each All Clear will offer you some more time to carry on.

Combo Mode:

Combo Mode allows players to earn many combos in limited time. Each Combo run will offer you some more time to proceed.

Target Mode:

Target Mode allows players to clear many target blocks in limited time. Each set of target blocks cleared will offer you some more time to continue.

4. Category: Adventurous:

Countdown Mode:

Countdown Mode allows players to use automatically falling I-Tetriminos to score line clears & bonus points.

Purify Mode:

Purify Mode allows players to clear many Dark Blocks within 3 minutes. Dark Blocks are on the line so in order to clear Dark Blocks, players need to clear the line.

Mystery Mode: 

This mode tasks gamers with surviving a Marathon session with positive & negative effects that randomly occur.

Tetris Effect Features:

Tetris Effect Features
Tetris Effect Features

The game includes more than 30 stages, each stage has its own music, sound effects, graphical style & background that change as you play through them.

To play Tetris Effect, you can use a standard display (up to 4K & 60 FPS on a PS4 Pro), or you can play this game on PS VR.

There are various fan favorite modes which are available in Tetris Effect including Marathon, Spirit & Ultra, with more new modes & online features.

You can unlock new levels, music tracks & avatars. Gamers can use avatars to express themselves in online environment.

Tetris Effect Creator:

From obsessively playing Tetris in Japanese arcades to creating the award winning Rez Infinite, Tetsuya Mizuguchi uses his past experience to create Tetris Effect which is playable on PS VR console.

Tetris Effect Release Date:

Tetris Effect is released on PS4 & PS VR on 9 November, 2018.

More Information:

  • Release date: November 9, 2018
  • Designer: Tetsuya Mizuguchi
  • Publisher: Enhance Games
  • Genre: Puzzles
  • Platform: PS4
  • Developers: Resonair, Monstars

Tetris Effect Trailer:

Watch Tetris Effect Announcement Trailer. Check out Tetris Effect E3 2018 Trailer.

Tetris Effect Announcememt Trailer

Tetris Effect Walkthrough:

Watch Tetris Effect Gameplay Walkthrough on PS VR. Check out Tetris Effect PS VR Gameplay Playthrough.

Tetris Effect PS VR Gameplay Walkthrough

Tetris Effect Fan Made Walkthrough:

Watch Tetris Effect Fan Made Gameplay Walkthrough which features a 1989 Tetris Expert who is playing Tetris Effect for the first time.

Tetris Effect Playthrough



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