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Build the most stunning city from scratch. You can use fresh decorations to make your city more beautiful, new scenarios to test your abilities as governor, & many upgrades allow you to build the city easier. The decorations can be used to make your city lively.

Make a city & experience the hardships of a governor as you need to please different political parties.

Townsmen Gameplay:

You need to discover spots for mining ore, harvest the crop, & collect money as taxes from the people, build markets & decorate your town.

The objective of Townsmen is to transform your tiny village in to a grand medieval city.

You can make jewelry, drink & weapons. Your people can use some of them but you can also take these items to market to earn gold. Gold is a basic resource which can be used in building & maintenance of most buildings. Prestige is another resource, but functions differently because it is used to quick build & supersede normal costs. You can use prestige when winter hits because fields don’t grow well by themselves & you can invest.

You can enjoy the scenarios of Townsmen & the game can hook you for a decent stint of time. Townsmen has beautiful graphics & if you like city building games then you must play Townsmen.

You can chop down trees & do fishing, extract ore from mines.

Townsmen offers hours upon hours of gameplay for a little cost. It is a complex game & one of the reason behind its complexity is that the game does not offer enough tutorials to cover everything.

You need to allocate resources. The game allows you to build 9 different buildings which are required for people survival & you have to know which one you should build first.

At the start of Townsmen, you need to feed your people. You will require a fishery so that everybody gets enough protein to remain healthy or otherwise your citizens will go hungry. You need to make your forestry business done at the very beginning so that you chop down enough woods to build a fishery.

You can choose where you want to place your new building from a tap menu & then dragging & dropping your structure.

You also require more buildings if you want to make citizens happy & produce resources.

You need to fight against the nature as your town can be hit by hurricanes that will destroy your buildings.

You must be ready to face dangers from adversaries who will attack your town. Build barracks, guard towers & hire courageous soldiers to save the people from harm. You also need to make sure that the villagers are happy.

Townsmen is a bright & colorful game which offers nicely detailed city features.

Townsmen Features:

  • You must construct beautiful roads
  • The population will follow their daily activities
  • The weather & climate will play a part too
  • The game will include disasters in the form of draught, disease & more
  • Different scenarios & difficult objectives

More Information:

  • Developer: HandyGames
  • Publisher: HandyGames
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Platforms: PC, Android & iOS
  • Release date: 9 November, 2018


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