Digerati Indie Bundle: Ink & HackyZack Review

Digerati Indie Bundle: Ink & HackyZack review provides information about Ink gameplay, Ink features, HackyZack gameplay & HackyZack features:

INK & HackyZack was released on 20 December, 2018. You can get the bundle for $15.

We have added everything we know in The Digerati Indie Bundle Ink & HackyZack review which includes Ink gameplay, Ink features, HackyZack gameplay, HackyZack features, trailer & walkthrough.

Ink & HackyZack Review
Ink & HackyZack Review

INK Gameplay:

You can reveal levels in many new ways: double jumping, wall sliding or squishing an opponent all make splashes & splodges.

Ink Gameplay
Ink Gameplay

INK Features:

  • Test your platforming talent across 75 INKgeniously designed levels
  • You can jump, squish, slide & die to spray colored paint & expose your surrounding area
  • Splat opponents, dodge rockets, & eliminate very hard bosses
  • You can play local 2 player mode with your friend
  • You can search & gather 20 hidden coins

HackyZack Gameplay:

You can control Zack in this game. You can juggle balls, bounce off walls & avoid fatal falls as you attempt to make it through more than 100 levels of puzzle platforming. You can gather stickers along the way to unlock optional time trial challenge levels & additional playable heroes.

HackyZack Gameplay
HackyZack Gameplay

Jumping is very simple but jumping around an obstacle course while kicking a ball is difficult. HackyZack is a platformer about dashing & wall jumping around while kicking a ball to hit points & reach a goal.

HackyZack Features:

  • You can conquer 100 plus levels across 6 challenging worlds in multiple ways
  • You can play 2 player mode locally with a friend
  • Goal Mode: You can guide the ball to the exit in order to finish the stage
  • Target Mode: You can use the ball to smash all diamonds on a stage as soon as possible
  • Gather stickers to unlock Target Mode levels & extra playable heroes

More Information:

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: 24 December 2018
  • No. of Players: 2 players simultaneous
  • Category: Platformer, Arcade, Action
  • Publisher: Digerati

Digerati Indie Bundle: Ink & HackyZack Trailer:

Watch Digerati Indie Bundle: Ink & HackyZack official trailer. Have a look at Ink & HackyZack gameplay trailer.

Digerati Indie Bundle: Ink & HackyZack Trailer

Ink Walkthrough:

Watch Ink gameplay walkthrough (all levels).

Ink Gameplay Walkthrough

HackyZack Walkthrough:

Watch HackyZack gameplay walkthrough. Check out HackyZack playthrough.

HackyZack Gameplay Walkthrough

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