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Get yourself ready for a final marathon of Nippon in a crazy, physics-driven, 4 player party racer where anything can happen. Stay at the front to claim victory but it is difficult because you must save yourself from obstacles that comes in your way.

We have added everything we know in Nippon Marathon review including its gameplay, release date, PC requirements, trailer, walkthrough, & you can find more information about Nippon Marathon in this review.

Nippon Marathon is a multiplayer racer which allows you to run through various Japanese locations, while avoiding obstacles & dangers. Those moving slowly will be knocked out & only one player will remain & player will get a star. The player with most stars at the conclusion of the race will be victorious & the next race will be opened for the player.

Nippon Marathon Gameplay:

Be prepared for an ultimate marathon of Japan in a crazy 4 player party racer. You can avoid obstacles & dive out of the paths of bicycles. You can damage your opponents by throwing fruits at them.

4 players can play Nippon Marathon but you can also play it as a single player.

You can find yourself running through a busy train station & there are hundreds of salary men & obstacles.

The story mode of Nippon Marathon lets you choose & follow the journey of the 4 main characters in what turns out to be a mix of racing & visual novel gameplay with many chapters. You can choose a character named Snuguru Maestro who is different from the other characters because he is half human & half dog.

Nippon Marathon offers simple controls but it is important to know that you might make mistakes in first hour of gameplay. Your first few races would be dominated by mistimed jumps & you might not save yourself from the obstacles. You can collect fruits that you can eat for a speed boost or you can use them to trouble other racers. For example, you can use a pineapple balloon to extend your jump.

You can enjoy the races & it will definitely make you laugh but the frantic gameplay feels very clumsy & disjointed to remain fun for too long.

Stay at the front of the other racers to make your opponents disappear at the end of the screen & you will get stars. The race will then reset to the final checkpoint until the finish line where the racer with the most stars win.

More Information:

  • Release Date: 17 Dec, 2018
  • Developer: Onion Soup Interactive
  • Publisher: PQube Limited
  • Platforms, PC, PS4 & Nintendo Switch


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