Comparison of Odallus The Dark vs Oniken Unstoppable Edition in story & gameplay:

Odallus The Dark Call review is composed of quality content. You can't go wrong with the concrete information presented in Odallus The Dark Call gameplay. For entertainment & to know more, have a look at Odallus The Dark Call story & main characters.

Odallus The Dark Call is an action-exploration platformer developed by Brazilian indie studio Joymasher.

Odallus The Dark Call Story:

Odallus The Dark Call’s story shows those who are thirsty for power bring destruction & sorrow to innocent humans by completely destroying their villages, livelihood & even wiping out their children. The war pits brother against brother. Innocent people are living like survivors. Game’s playable character Haggis was once a soldier but then left the army. Now Haggis must equip the sword once again in order to protect his loved ones from those who have no regard for humans.

Odallus The Dark Call Plot:

Army destroys Haggis' village & captures his son. Haggis wants to find his son & defeat the villain army. 

Comparison of Odallus The Dark vs Oniken Unstoppable Edition
Comparison of Odallus The Dark vs Oniken Unstoppable Edition
Image Credit: Joymasher

Odallus The Dark Call Gameplay:

Odallus The Dark Call is an action adventure video game that is inspired by early NES platform games like Castlevania franchise & Metroid. In the game, player takes control of Haggis, who is a former soldier. Haggis can run, jump, & use his sword. Odallus The Dark Call has role playing elements. Players can upgrade their weapon & abilities. They have the option to even revisit previous levels to overcome obstacles & even discover additional secrets. In the game each & every level has a boss that even becomes easier to reach when players discover secret shortcuts.

Key Features of Odallus The Dark Call:

  • Developer: Joymasher
  • Publisher: Joymasher
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC Windows, PS4 & Xbox One
  • Release Date (Nintendo Switch): Available
  • Genre: Platform-adventure, Metroidvania
  • Mode: Single-player


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