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Left Alive Review | Story | Gameplay

Everything we know about Left Alive is added in this review including its story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthrough:

Left Alive is a stealth action shooter game developed & published by Square Enix for PS 4 & PC Windows. Discover the truth behind the war through the eyes of three protagonist. Every step & decision made by players have consequences in the warzone of Novo Slava.

Left Alive Review
Left Alive Review

We have added everything we know in Left Alive review including its story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

Left Alive Story:

The game is set in the 22nd century in the war-torn city of Novo Slava where three military specialists attempt to liberate the citizens of the war-torn city. The game is about the adventures of three protagonists in their fight for survival. Players have to use their mech-piloting skills, the art of stealth, close-quarters combat abilities & weapon expertise if they want to succeed in liberating the city of Novo Slava.  

Left Alive Story
Left Alive Story

Left Alive Gameplay:

Player has to choose character’s playing style. In one instance player will be fighting gun battles & in another instance taking care of enemies with stealth. Player can set crafted traps, collect & craft consumables in a city destroyed by the war. The game is heavily action focused. Player has to fight infantry, armored vehicles & even mechs known as Wanzers by using traps, raw firepower & stealth.

Left Alive Gameplay
Left Alive Gameplay


The most important aspect in the game in my opinion is the element of stealth. The game offers some real depth in stealth, survival & crafting elements in a warzone. For me the player’s movement seems stiff. Enemy combat feels real too. The dialogue sequences are a bit confusing. Though character is chatty but player’s choice of dialogue options is somewhat confusing. The most unique thing I found out in the game is that in once instance you are fighting enemies with whatever you got but in another instances player has to use sneaking. The most exciting thing is to face powerfully armed troops, armored vehicles & towering mechs in such an exciting setting.

Key Features of Left Alive:

  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Series: Front Mission
  • Platforms: PC Windows & PS4
  • Release Date: 5 March 2019
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer

Left Alive HD Wallpapers:

Free download Left Alive HD Wallpapers 1920x1080

Left Alive Full Game Playthrough:

Watch Left Alive full game playthrough with no commentary. Check out Left Alive gameplay playthrough that covers the full game including all cutscenes, all boss fights & ending.

Left Alive Full Game Playthrough

Left Alive Story Trailer:

Watch Left Alive story trailer.

Left Alive Story Trailer

Left Alive Gameplay Trailer:

Watch Left Alive gameplay trailer. Take a look at Left Alive TGS 2017 trailer.

Left Alive Gameplay Trailer

Left Alive Gameplay Walkthrough:

Watch Left Alive gameplay development walkthrough. Take a look at Left Alive playthrough.

Left Alive Gameplay Development Walkthrough

Left Alive Gameplay Demo:

Watch Left Alive gameplay demo. Check out Left Alive TGS 2018 walkthrough.

Left Alive Gameplay Demo (TGS 2018)

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