Everything we know about Back to Bed is added in this review including its story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs:

A 3D puzzle Indie game set in a dream world.

We have added everything we know in Back to Bed review including its story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

Back to Bed Story:

Bob is a man who sleepwalks. Player takes control of Bob’s friend. Player has to ensure that Bob come to his bed undamaged. Bob walks in a straight line & turns when he hits an obstacle & turns clockwise. Player has to change Bob’s path & make sure that Bob does hit any dangers & thus does not wake up.

Back to Bed Gameplay:

  • Player has to place large apples in Bob’s way so that Bob turn clockwise & eventually get to the exit.
  • Later in the game player has to solve some puzzles in the form of laying bridges in Bob’s way in order to make Bob cross gaps.
  • Player after completes the main campaign unlock a “Nightmare” mode having the same levels or stages, but now Bob has to collect keys before he can reach the exit.
  • The game has 30 levels.
  • Main campaign’s 30 levels can take two hours to complete & the Nightmare mode takes three hours to complete, thus letting player to enjoy five-hour fun.

Back to Bed Release Date:

Back to Bed is launched on PC Windows on 6 August 2014. It is released on Android & iOS on 7 January 2015. It is released on PS3, PS4 & PS Vita on 25 August 2015. It is launched on Nintendo Switch on 11 April 2019.

Key Features of Back to Bed:

  • Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
  • Developer: Bedtime Digital Games
  • Publisher: Bedtime Digital Games
  • Release Date: 6 Aug, 2014
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, PC Windows, PS3, PS4, PS Vita & Nintendo Switch

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