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Trials of Fire Early Access

Trials of Fire is available in Early Access & we have added information about Trials of Fire in this article.

Trials of Fire is a rogue like video game which allows exploration & combat. Watch Trials of Fire announcement trailer.

Trials of Fire Announcement Trailer

Trials of Fire is a single player turn-based game with rogue-like elements. It is an open world strategy game.  

Trials of Fire Review
Trials of Fire Review

Trials of Fire Story:

Deal with starvation & conflict. Fight open world, multi-character, card-driven combat with deck-building systems. Also collect loot on the journey.  

Trials of Fire Gameplay:

During the course of combat, give orders to each Hero based on their draw cards & combine the skills of three hero characters.

During combat tweak your heroes’ weapons, items & gear, & by doing so, change their card abilities.

Trials of Fire Gameplay
Trials of Fire Gameplay

Travel in this open world map that consists of ruined wasteland to search resources needed for the very survival. During your journey encounter monsters and defend yourself.

Trials of Fire Specifications:

  • Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early Access
  • Developer: Whatboy Games
  • Publisher: Whatboy Games
  • Release Date: 4 May 2019
  • Platform: PC Windows

Trials of Fire Gameplay Walkthrough:

Watch Trials of Fire gameplay walkthrough which shows making choices & turn based strategy.

Trials of Fire Gameplay Walkthrough

Trials of Fire PC Walkthrough Part 1:

Watch Trials of Fire PC gameplay walkthrough part 1.

Trials of Fire PC Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

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  1. release date?

    1. Trials of Fire entered Early Access on 3 May 2019 but release date of its full version is not announced yet. I think it may release in 2020.