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Xbox Project Scarlett Specifications

Microsoft's Xbox Project Scarlett specifications:

New Xbox is announced during Microsoft E3 2019 Xbox press conference in 2019. Xbox Scarlett is set to be launched in Holiday 2020 along with Halo Infinite.

Xbox Project Scarlett will be using a custom designed AMD processor, SSD, & high bandwidth GDDR6 memory.

Xbox Project Scarlett Screenshot
Xbox Project Scarlett Screenshot

The loading times will be reduced by using SSD such as games will load faster whether you are stepping into new levels, opening menus or solving multiplayer sessions.

No price for Xbox Scarlett is revealed but the upcoming Xbox won’t be cheap. For standard RAM Microsoft Project Scarlett will be using GDDR6. It will have a physical disk drive. All Xbox One accessories can be used with Project Scarlett, which includes controllers & headsets.

Microsoft’s next generation Xbox uses SSD as virtual RAM & for storage too. It also supports 8K graphics & ray tracing, & it is set to be released in 2020. The next generation console is known as Xbox Project Scarlett.

Next-gen Xbox Project Scarlett
Next-gen Xbox Project Scarlett

Xbox Project Scarlett will be 4 times faster than Xbox One X. It can support up to 120 FPS & Microsoft has designed a new generation of SSD. They said that they are using SSD as Virtual RAM which will tremendously enhance the performance of the hardware. The performance of Xbox Project Scarlett is increased 40 times than the current generation.

Players have the freedom to connect to cross devices & cross platforms. Game developers have the opportunity to develop the games they have always envisioned.

Watch Xbox Project Scarlett reveal trailer:

Xbox Project Scarlett Reveal Trailer

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