Find Beyond Two Souls review, story, gameplay, release date, screenshots, trailers, walkthroughs, specifications, & more.

We have added everything we know about Beyond Two Souls including its review, story, gameplay, release date, screenshots, trailers, walkthroughs, specifications, & more.

Beyond Two Souls Review:

Beyond Two Souls is a unique psychological thriller which puts you in the shoes of Jodie Holmes. Jodie is different from other people & begins her extraordinary journey & the actions you perform will shape her destiny. She will go through difficult challenges, dangers, & heart breaking loss on a journey to know the reality about herself.

You will control Jodie & Aiden in this game. Beyond Two Souls is designed for people who have not played a single video game before. The script is written in a sense that you cannot die because when you face difficulty with performing the needed series of buttons on the gamepad, the game will perform your tasks automatically.

Beyond Two Souls Story:

An interactive drama which is focused on the tale of a girl who has skill to contact with the other world. You will explore a 15-year part of Jodie’s life & attempt to find out the reality about what lies beyond this planet.

Jodie is able to know things that are hidden from other people. After her birth she has a link with Aiden, a strange person who has come to earth. Using Aiden, Jodie can discover what lies beyond this world but Aiden is responsible for causing troubles in Jodie’s life. The mentor & advisor of this game is Professor Nathan Dawkins who helps Jodie to learn the reality around her & discover the planet from where Aiden has visited this world.

Beyond Two Souls Gameplay:

It is an interactive drama & action/adventure video game which allows you to maneuver, & interact with items & other NPCs to progress Beyond: Two Souls story. You will play with a girl, & she will interact with the environment & will discover useful items & collect information. There is another playable character as well & you can switch from Jodie to Aiden at almost any time during gameplay. Beyond Two Souls gameplay focuses on stealth, which allows you to move Jodie through in-game surroundings while organizing certain actions with Aiden.

You can make decisions during Beyond Two Souls gameplay. This will change the game story, the result of scenes can be controlled through in-game decisions. These decisions are choices based on Jodie’s dialogue options, involvement with various people, win or lose in her battle scenes, or psychic actions that you decide for Aiden to perform. The final of Beyond: Two Souls is also based on the in-game decisions.

Go through the most remarkable moments of her life as your choices & action shape her destiny. As she moves through the game world, she will face dares, & her journey will include heart-wrenching moments that you would have never seen in a video game.

Beyond Two Souls Release Date:

Beyond Two Souls is released on 27 July 2019 on PC. It is also available on PS3 & PS4.

Beyond Two Souls Specifications:

  • Developer: Quantic Dream
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Platforms: PS3, PS4 & PC Windows
  • Release Date: 27 July 2019
  • Genre: Interactive drama, action-adventure
  • Mode: Single-player & multiplayer

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