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Blast the crunchy skulls of demons in Doom series re-release

Doom allows you to blast the crunchy skull of demons with deadliest guns & now you have a chance to play first 3 games of the series:

The first 3 games of Doom series are available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox One. Fans have a chance to play the first 2 parts: Doom 1 & Doom 2 on Android & iOS too. 

Watch Doom series re-release trailer.

Doom series Re-Release Trailer

Doom 1:

Original Doom was released in 1993 & on the 25th Birthday of Doom, Bethesda released its first part which includes fast paced, demon killing action which build the foundation of the Doom franchise.

Doom Gameplay Features
Doom Gameplay Features

Enjoy the demon slaying game which proved to be a major hit & it was one of my favorite game.

Doom 1 Gameplay Features:

I have added all the features of Doom that are available now:

  • The DLC, Episode 4: Thy Flesh Consumed has 9 extra action paced stages
  • 4 player deathmatch is available for local multiplayer
  • Also 4 players can play Doom cooperatively in local multiplayer

Doom 2:

The re-launch of Doom 2 allows gamers to continue demon slaying using Super Shotgun to blast the crunchy skulls of demons & now the enemies are deadlier as compared to first part & you will face bosses. It is your choice either to fight demons in your room or in a bus or anywhere you want using Nintendo Switch.

Doom 2 Gameplay Features
Doom 2 Gameplay Features

Doom 2 Gameplay Features:

  • Doom 2 includes 4 players multiplayer mode which can be played locally 
  • Also Doom 2 adds co-op mode designed for 4 local players
  • You can access the master levels along with 20 extra levels created by the community in supervision of the developers

 Doom 3:

On Doom’s 25th birthday we get a chance to play Doom 3 on multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox One.

It is a highly praised action horror video game which allows you to fight your way through a demon infested facility before entering the abyss to fight the biggest fighter of hell.

Doom 3 Gameplay Features
Doom 3 Gameplay Features

Doom 3 Gameplay Features:

Doom 3 contains the Resurrection of Evil & The Lost Missions DLC packs.

Buy the first 2 parts of Doom for £4, & Doom 3 costs £8.

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