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How to be a villain in The Outer Worlds?

How to be a villain in The Outer Worlds:

Watch The Outer Worlds announcement trailer:

The Outer Worlds Announcement Trailer

In The Outer Worlds players can make choices that will define their journey. It is their decision to become a villain by joining the enemies of the game. Also the decisions will affect the game story. Not only dialogue affects the game story but every cause including how players want to finish a task, to selecting their outfits can have an impact.

Choose to be villain of The Outer Worlds
Choose to be villain of The Outer Worlds

If players kill somebody that any other person cares about, then they will see a reaction. They cannot take out their weapon while approaching a peaceful town. People will tell them to put their gun down.

How people perceive players is very crucial because in some cases players will lose some missions if they drive their companions or other main non playable characters away. They behave like real persons & have different opinions about stuffs. They have their own missions & it is up to the players who they will choose, which way they wish to push them during mission, but players can fail mission based on those choices.

Friends can interject their opinion
Friends can interject their opinion into certain conversations

When a friend dies, or only leave team then it affects both narrative & battle. Friends can help players in combat, & their personalities offer assistance during dialogues. Like Mass Effect & Dragon Age, friends will interject their opinion into certain conversations during the story campaign.

In this game players’ choices & mistakes can put them in trouble. It will hurt players in some way. Also those mistakes can offer a useful perk.

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  1. release date?

    1. The Outer Worlds is set to be released on PC, Xbox One & PS4 on 25 October 2019. For more information read its review