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Control puts Jesse in a do or die situation

Control exclusive story trailer puts Jesse in a do or die situation:

An exclusive story trailer of Control is released which describes the game story ahead of its release on 27 August 2019. The game pressurizes Jesse & puts her in a do or die situation.

Control Exclusive Story Trailer (Source: GameSpot)

Control Story:

Control centers around Jesse Fadens’s investigation to find the truth as she takes the role of Director. Jesse will fight against criminals & will meet allies during her adventure. There will be side missions & secrets which she will find during this game. She works with other Bureau agents, & will find out odd Bureau experiments.

Control exclusive story trailer

Discover your environments & shifting architecture in an unpredictable planet set in a New York building. During gameplay control the environment & destroy surroundings for more combat possibilities. Control is set to be released on PC, Xbox One & PS4 on 27 August 2019.

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