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Recruit aliens to win strategic battles: Exospecies

Exospecies is a survival game about recruiting aliens with unique skills to win strategic battles in hostile alien environments:

Watch Exospecies official story trailer.

Exospecies Story Trailer

It is a real time strategy video game which allows you to create your own alien army to protect the people. Exospecies is a turn based game which lets you play against friends / family or play random matches with other gamers & combine skills, fight across various locations, & make better planning to outsmart enemies.

Exospecies Screenshot
Exospecies Screenshot

Exospecies Gameplay:

Collect species in this game & protect the world. In near future, you will become another specie who will fight for survival. In this game you will recruit a squad of aliens with unique skills to win strategic fights in hostile alien locations. Each specie has unique skills that can make your attacks powerful. Exospecies is a simultaneous turn based strategy game which allows both sides to take turns simultaneously for quick turn based gameplay. You can also command your forces in a series of fights against CPU controlled rivals. The game allows you to challenge your friends to play against you or use matchmaking to discover challenging enemies.

Exospecies Gameplay
Exospecies Gameplay

You can perform actions such as Slug Trail, Space-Time Bend & Hell Jelly to make vast strategic opportunities in this game.

Fight against artificial intelligence, friends, & other random rivals using the in-game map editor.

Exospecies Release Date:

Exospecies is released on iPhone on 31 July 2019.

Exospecies Specifications:

Specifications of Exospecies are added below:
  • Developer: Inductor
  • Publisher: Inductor
  • Release Date: 31 July 2019
  • Platform: iPhone

Exospecies Gameplay Trailer:

Watch Exospecies gameplay trailer.

Exospecies Gameplay Trailer

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