Killsquad Improvements, New Features, Local Split-screen and Internet Online Co-op Multiplayer Mode:

The universe is in turmoil, worlds go rogue, & mega corporations are gathering Killsquads to loot the leftover bounties. Killsquad will let you explore galaxy & you can select your squad, include characters, pick weaponry & gear for your squad, & rip through swarms of creatures & fatal bosses.

Killsquad can be played from bird's eye view. It has a unique play style unlike other games of action genre because it has a taste of RPG. It is more like RPG but it is categorized as an action game.

Players can use a controller or keyboard as an input device. Enjoy playing Killsquad solo or four players can play this game cooperatively.

Select any character from four space bounty hunters available. Each character has its own squad & skill tree that can be unlocked after progressing through the gameplay. Each character is very skilled & has a set of starting abilities & passive skills. After completing each stage, you are allowed to upgrade your hero by choosing new abilities.

Killsquad Improvements, Local Split-screen & Online Multiplayer
Killsquad Improvements, Local Split-screen & Online Multiplayer
Image Credit: Novarama

Your squad will receive new contracts & this game is made for community. You can sign up to receive new contracts for your team, or join other teams who want support. Battle with other teams globally to collect contract rewards.

Each quest is developed in a way that offers replayability. There will be horrible surprises waiting for you such as facing natural disasters as well as fighting giant bosses & other forces.

The galaxy is full of bounties & it is expanding: there are bonuses in the forms of weapons that can be unlocked, resources that can be gathered & unlock exclusive perks for the weapons you have.


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