New Nintendo Switch can save over 40% battery life

New Nintendo Switch can save more than 40% battery life:

New Nintendo Switch can provide extended battery life. I am not talking about Nintendo Switch Lite which offers limited features but can save your $100. Switch Lite also saves battery because it provides less features as compared to Switch.

Early tests revealed that new Switch can provide 5 hours & 31 minutes of battery life while playing a launch game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While running Fire Emblem: Three Houses which is a recent game, it provided a battery life of 2 hours & 30 minutes in portable mode & 45% of the battery was still left.

Also the new Nintendo Switch model’s processor runs cooler, which avoids your device from heating up that much. 

New Nintendo Switch can save over 45% battery life
New Nintendo Switch can save over 45% battery life

New Switch is available to purchase now in US. Price of new Nintendo Switch is same as an old Switch unit. You can get Nintendo Switch for $300.

Switch Lite lacks in some features as compared to original Switch & one of the biggest drawback is that Switch Lite can allow you to play games in hand held mode & you cannot connect it to TV.

Switch Lite is small as compared to Switch
Nintendo Switch Lite is small as compared to Nintendo Switch

Also screen size of Switch Lite is smaller & it has built-in Joy-Con controllers. It might not support all games because some of Nintendo games require detachable Joy-Con controllers.

The play time of Switch is around 2.5 to 6.5 hours but the new version is able to provide play time of around 4.5 to 9 hours & its play time even beats Switch Lite which has a better play time than the original Switch.

Nintendo Switch can improve battery performance:

New Nintendo Switch saves battery life
New Nintendo Switch saves battery life

It is actually a new device with a new CPU which consumes less power. New Switch can offer more gameplay hours when you charge it as compared to original Switch. There are no additional features in terms of performance & its model looks just the same as original Switch. However it is able to run cooler which saves it from overheating. Also Nintendo has announced new colors for Joy-Con controllers.

Which factors are responsible for consuming more battery:

Heavy games consume more battery
Heavy games consume more battery

The battery life of Nintendo Switch is based on the type of game you are running. Powerful game with good graphics requires higher performance & drains battery faster as compared to game that does not offer HD graphics. Also the battery life relies on screen brightness & you will need to recharge quickly if you are connected to Nintendo network. The new CPU can consume less battery as compared to old CPU.

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