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Never Give Up Review | Story | Gameplay

Find Never Give Up review, story, gameplay, release date, screenshots, trailers, walkthroughs, specifications, & more.

We have added everything we know about Never Give Up including its review, story, gameplay, release date, screenshots, trailers, walkthroughs, specifications, & more.

Never Give Up Trailer:

Watch Never Give Up official trailer.

Never Give Up Trailer

Never Give Up Review:

It is a death defying platformer containing traps & dangers which can cut you into pieces & the only option is to avoid them & reach the end line. It is a platformer designed for veterans.

Never Give Up Review
Never Give Up Review

Never Give Up Story:

The game is about a stickman, who is on a journey to find himself. Players have to journey through the landscape filled with traps & hazards that can turn players into bloody chunks & there is no other way rather than to face the challenges as the only way out is to get through those challenges.

Never Give Up Story

Never Give Up Gameplay:

In this death-defying platformer, get out of the testing environment, roam freely through the land & take part in boss fights. In the process players can die over & over again. As players progress through the course of the game, each level gets harder as players have to deal with more challenging obstacles. Players need sharp reflexes to avoid the obstacles & avoid certain death in this fast paced game.

Never Give Up Gameplay
Never Give Up Gameplay

Never Give Up Features:

  • Practice more & more in order to become a perfect player of the game.
  • In the game, dying is not bad as even death means a progress. It is actually in the defeat that you learn more rather than in victory.
  • The game features built-in splits timer for speed runners & allows players to track every piece of the best route.
  • The game features a lot of costumes & collectibles ranging from clowns, robots, alligators to mimes dismembered by buzz saws. Players can unlock all of the twenty costumes by finding hidden collectibles & secrets in each game’s level.
  • Never Give Up includes iterative level design which allows players to learn how to be expert. I am warning you that Never Give Up is very challenging & every time you die; I will make fun of you until you stop trying. This way a hero can build up.
  • Unlock all outfits available in the game by searching collectibles & secrets in each stage.

Never Give Up Release Date:

Never Give Up is released on PC Windows, Mac & Nintendo Switch on 13 August 2019.

Never Give Up Specifications:

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
  • Developer: Massive Monster, Tasselfoot
  • Publisher: Armor Games Studios
  • Release Date: 13 August 2019
  • Platforms: PC Windows, Mac & Nintendo Switch

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