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Pokemon: Sword & Shield adds new enemies & galarian forms

Latest Pokemon Sword & Shield video revealed evil squad, 2 new enemies, & the Galarian forms of Pokemon:

Bede is a boy wearing a maroon coat & his hairs are curly. Bede is a skilled Pokemon trainer who has joined the Gym Challenge. He is an villain of Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Marnie is a girl & she is an ostensible head of Team Yell. They attempt to interfere with Pokemon trainers to support Marnie in winning the championship.

Pokemon Sun & Moon reveals a new form of Pokemon known as Alolan form, in which Pokemon grow in different ways due to their presence in new climate. Pokemon existing in Galar area are in different form such as Galarian form.

New Pokemon & variants are also shown in the presentation. Zigzagoon is a returning Pokemon & he is available in black & white galarian form.

Galarian Weezing is a new Pokemon who has a chimney top hat & he can suck polluted air through his mouth & from the chimney he releases clean air.

Electric mouse is a new Pokemon & his name is Morpeko. His move changes based on his hunger. He has 2 modes such as full belly mode & hangry mode. In full belly mode, he is an electric/dark type while in the latter mode he changes to Dark type.

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