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Re: Legend Review | Gameplay | Story

Find Re: Legend review, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

We have added everything we know about Re: Legend including its review, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

Re: Legend Square Enix Collective Trailer:

Watch Re: Legend Square Enix collective trailer.

Re: Legend Collective Trailer

Re: Legend Early Access Announcement Trailer:

Watch Re: Legend Early Access announcement trailer.

Re: Legend Early Access Announcement Trailer

Re: Legend Kickstarter Trailer:

Watch Re: Legend Kickstarter trailer.

Re: Legend Kickstarter Trailer

Re: Legend Review:

Re: Legend is a co-op role playing game which allows you to do routine tasks like farming, crafting, fishing & building your village. There is a multiplayer cooperative mode for up to 4 gamers who can complete missions together.

Re: Legend Review
Re: Legend Review

Re: Legend lets you share your adventure in this spectacular world with friends & also build, farm, craft, fish & raise creatures. You will wake up on an island & you won’t remember anything about your past. It is time to begin a new adventure to recover lost memories.

Re: Legend Story:

You will wake up on a shore & will not remember anything. Adjust to new life, know more about this land, make villagers your friends & also breed monsters called Magnus. Such monsters possess magic.

Re: Legend Story
Re: Legend Story

Re: Legend Gameplay:

It is time to learn how to endure on this strange island & your job is to cultivate land, make friendships with people, expand the village, & raise Magnus.

Re: Legend Gameplay
Re: Legend Gameplay

Magnus will help you in your routine tasks after taming them. They will help you in battling wild life, farming, fishing, traveling & more. They will grow differently based on how you raise them.


The game will let you grow crops & keep fish. You will need food for next meal so it is important to cultivate farm of Vokka island.

Re: Legend Farming
Re: Legend Farming


The world of this game contains different creatures & combat skills are very important for survival. Equip weapons & use them against beasts. Also Magnus will help you in defeating wild life.

Re: Legend Combat
Re: Legend Combat

Village Life:

This is a place where you need to start your new life. Make friendship with villagers & join the festivals with locals to spend good time. They will help you in regaining your lost memories.

Re: Legend Village Life
Re: Legend Village Life


Living abilities can be gained as you practice them frequently.


This game is playable solo or in a team. Complete activities together & share the memories with others. Together you will have control over more land. Or you can relax when your friend is doing work for you.

Re: Legend Multiplayer
Re: Legend Multiplayer

Game Modes:

Re: Legend offers a single player & multiplayer mode (up to 4 players can play it).

Re: Legend Specifications:

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation & Early Access
  • Developer: Magnus Games Studio
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Release Date: 30 August 2019
  • Platforms: PC Windows, PS4, Nintendo Switch & Xbox One

Re: Legend Walkthrough:

Watch Re: Legend gameplay walkthrough.

Re: Legend Walkthrough

Re: Legend Playthrough:

Watch Re: Legend gameplay playthrough.

Re: Legend Playthrough

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