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Sagebrush is a thriller & it is focused on exploring a cult compound

Sagebrush is a thriller about revealing the truth behind group of people died in a compound:

Watch Sagebrush announcement trailer.

Sagebrush announcement trailer

Sagebrush is a first person story driven adventure game which lets you discover a cult compound in New Mexico desert. Find out what happened to people in this compound. Sagebrush can be completed in 1 – 2 hours.

The objective of Sagebrush is to discover who lived in this house & how they all ended up. You will hear audio recordings, read notes, which will give you an insight into the cultists’ lives.

Sagebrush Cover Picture
Sagebrush Cover Picture

A game which needs exploration. Also you will need to figure out what the people of this compound believe? Why did they join? Were they happy or sad? Why they all decided to end up their lives? & you will need to answer more questions related to the lives of the people living in this compound.

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