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Take gravity into your own hands in Gravity Duck

Gravity Duck is about overcoming obstacles & collecting eggs by taking gravity into your own hands:

Put yourself in the shoes of a duck & manipulate gravity for overcoming obstacles & gather eggs in each level.

Gravity Duck is a puzzle platformer game. 

Gravity Duck is about controlling gravity
Gravity Duck is about controlling gravity

Player is sent on a quest to find golden eggs. They have only one skill & that is to flip gravity. They have to use gravity wells in order to further change gravity direction. Player’s objective in the game is to collect all the eggs to return to the Maui statue.

Gravity Duck Gameplay
Gravity Duck Gameplay

Player can flip gravity in order to reach the destination while avoiding obstacles that come in their way. The game’s mechanics are simple; flip, dodge & solve complex puzzles. They have to avoid obstacles while collecting eggs.

Gravity Duck Controls:

Use Arrow in order to move, & ‘x’ key in order to flip gravity.

Gravity Duck Gameplay Features:

  • Complete 140 levels spread across 4 chapters.
  • Player has to use gravity wells in order to switch their direction.
  • They have to dodge spikes, projectiles, traps & other obstacles while collecting eggs.

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