Comparison and differences of Warsaw vs Age of Empires AOE IV:

Warsaw is a strategy video game with role playing elements which allows you to control troops that are participating in the Warsaw Uprising in 1944.
It is a challenging world war 2 turn based tactical role playing game which is set in a war torn city. You will lead a small team of units who have unique abilities & use them to free the city which is invaded by enemy army.

Warsaw vs Age of Empires AOE 4:

Use everything you have to support a squad of units to endure the attack in their home city. Take help of ordinary people including young & old, & also soldiers, & use their unique abilities, expertise & skills to challenge the opponent. Lead troops in this game that are contributing in the Warsaw Uprising in 1944.
The battles take place in turn based mode. There are many unique characters in your troops, each of them has their own background story, along with special skills & attacks.
The battle system of Warsaw Uprising uses special combat tools including flame throwers.
Use a combination of different abilities that will beat the adversaries. Collect weapons from the opponent or through air drops, & use them to eliminate the adversaries. Build the top squad with all the characters. Also use resources wisely & do no waste them.

Comparison of Warsaw vs Age of Empires AOE IV
Comparison of Warsaw vs Age of Empires AOE IV
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Complete the orders issued by head quarter, find facts about the past of your team mates & choose when to attack, & when to withdraw.
Learn the strengths & weaknesses of your squad. Use the top combination of teammates, weapons, & abilities to beat opponents.
It is a turn based strategic role playing game with heroes of varying classes, & with ability & resource management in immersive world war 2 setting.
The game uses a tactical combat system with multiple abilities & weaponry that can build the best survivor possible.

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