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We have added everything we know about Witcheye including its review, story, gameplay, release date, screenshots, trailers, walkthroughs, specifications, & more.

Witcheye Review:

Witcheye is a platform video game.

In this game player can swipe screen to move character in any direction they want & when they touch the screen, the character stops its motion. It seems natural than using a virtual d-pad as an input device.

The boss characters look like cartoon. There are more than 50 levels in this game that offer exploration.

Witcheye Story:

Player is a witch turned into a flying eyeball by a knight & wizard. They also stole the witch's spell ingredients. Player can guide the witch on the journey to take back witch’s spell ingredients & take revenge against the knight & wizard. 

Witcheye Gameplay:

Player can swipe in order to move the ball around & touch to stop. In order to eliminate adversaries, player can bounce off of opponents. Also make sure to survive against the opponents in challenging 50 levels.

Player has to swipe the playable character in the direction they wish it to float, as it can then bounce off of obstacles, buildings & even adversaries & that’s how they can avoid obstacles & solve challenging puzzles.

Player objective in the game is to guide the witch through 50 challenging levels & eliminate opponents that come in their way while finding secrets & taking revenge against the knight & wizard.

Other Features:

  • The game features mini-bosses & big boss fights.
  • Witcheye features 50 plus levels with more than hundred adversaries including bosses & mini bosses.
  • The game also features unlockable modes, more challenges & bonuses.
  • A hard mode is available in Witcheye which features complete remixed adversaries & weaponry

Witcheye Release Date:

Witcheye is released on Android & iPhone on 15 August 2019.

Witcheye Specifications:

  • Developer: Developer Moon Kid
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Release Date: 15 August 2019
  • Platforms: iPhone, & Android

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