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Wreckin’ Ball Adventure allows you to escape mysterious lab

Play Wreckin’ Ball Adventure & escape the mysterious lab before Evil SuperCom destroys you:

Wreckin’ Ball Adventure Trailer

Begin your adventure as a ball that is able to roll, swing, jump & find a way to freedom. It is a single player & local co-op platform game, with ball shaped robots, & sixty daring levels.

Wreckin’ Ball Adventure Gameplay
Wreckin’ Ball Adventure Gameplay

This game includes sixty story levels. Challenge other players to check who can last the longest. This game is available in solo or in local cooperative mode for up to 4 gamers. Collect orbs & gather stars for unlocking next levels. Roll, jump & swing using grappling hook to reach higher places. Control the ball & avoid the obstacles to reach the destination. The robots of this game look like ball & you need to solve physics based puzzles. Protect the small robot from the SuperCom & leave the mysterious lab as soon as possible.

Up to 3 friends can play Wreckin' Ball Adventure
Up to 3 friends can play Wreckin' Ball Adventure with you

Find out how you can meet with up to 3 other robots to support each other. Use switches to activate bridges to finish 60 levels of the game. Find out why Evil SuperCom wants to damage you.

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