Similarities and Differences in Call of Duty (COD) Mobile vs Call of Duty (COD) Black Ops Cold War:

Call of Duty: Mobile is created by Tencent Games & published by Activision. It is a free to play Call of Duty video game playable on Android & iOS. 2 currencies are used in this game & it also contains a battle pass.

Multiplayer maps & modes are included in this game. The multiplayer maps are taken from Black Ops & Modern Warfare, & they are fully free. You can team up & fight in a 100 players battle royale mode. The game will let you connect with millions of users from around the globe.

By playing this game you can unlock & receive many popular heroes, weaponry, clothes & other stuff.

Call of Duty: Mobile allows you to make a squad with friends & play the popular modes on maps. The game is available in all countries which support Apple App Store & Google Play.

Call of Duty: Mobile will let you receive heaps of content by only playing. Purchase a battle pass using real money or get it using in-game credits.

Differences in COD Mobile vs Black Ops Cold War
Differences in COD Mobile vs Black Ops Cold War
Image Credit: Activision

Compare Call of Duty Mobile and COD Black Ops Cold War Gameplay:

The game adds characters, weapons & maps from Call of Duty series. It is a new standalone game which features a collection of popular maps, game modes, fan-favorite characters, & weaponry from fan-favorite franchises.

Play Call of Duty: Mobile using touchscreen or use a controller. You can move by holding down a button on mobile touch screen & use auto shooting feature or use another finger to shoot enemies manually.

The game will receive limited time events & playlists regularly.

The multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Mobile is very engaging because it uses multiple modes such as Search & Destroy, & Free for All. You can rank up during your adventure to earn & unlock classic heroes of Call of Duty.

The battle royale of Call of Duty: Mobile is fun because up to hundred players can fight for survival on a map. Play alone or make teams of 2, or 4 players & take help of your friends to beat opponent teams.

The ranked mode of Call of Duty: Mobile allows you to use your ability & tactic to reach the top or you can win the most Clan prizes as you play this game with other players. It can let you compete & battle against many friends & enemies in this exciting free to start game.

After comparing COD Black Ops Cold War & COD Mobile, we conclude that COD Black Ops Cold War is far better than the mobile version of COD.


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