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Crying Suns Review | Gameplay

Find Crying Suns review, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

We have added everything we know about Crying Suns including its review, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

Watch Crying Suns official teaser trailer.

Crying Suns Teaser Trailer

Crying Suns Review:

It is a rogue-lite video game which features tactical combats taking place in space, where our objective is to discover a way to protect mankind from destruction by taking control of a space fleet commander.

The objective of this game is to understand the destiny of the fallen empire & protect humanity from complete extinction.

Crying Suns Review
Crying Suns Review

Crying Suns is set in space after seven hundred years of relative peace & silence, after Galactic empires have literally disintegrated, humanoid robots & machines have been deprived of their power, & mankind are inches away from total annihilation. You can control Admiral Ellys in this game or his clone. The world of Gehenna contains mostly ice & rocks, & a top secret facility is located in this place which conceals the technological knowledge, & it is very important in saving mankind.

Crying Suns Gameplay:

The game is split into 6 chapters, & during these chapters you can move through different systems, worlds & procedurally generated anomalies, & in the end you will enter a new planet which hides secrets that are very important for saving human life.

It is a rogue-lite video game which is focused on tactical fights. You can see all battles from an isometric perspective which helps you to better plan each of the actions taken.

Crying Suns Gameplay
Crying Suns Gameplay

Along with fights, you will explore the planets & anomalies. In those planets you can collect raw materials required for upgrade & endurance. While visiting those planets you must be prepared for battle as well because you don’t know who you will face.

Along with fighting & space discovery, there are over three hundred random events.

Crying Suns Specifications:

  • Genre: Indie, Strategy
  • Developer: Alt Shift
  • Publisher: Humble Bundle
  • Release Date: 19 September 2019
  • Platforms: PC Windows & Mac

Crying Suns Trailer:

Watch Crying Suns official trailer.

Crying Suns Trailer

Crying Suns Gameplay Walkthrough:

Watch Crying Suns gameplay walkthrough.

Crying Suns Gameplay Walkthrough

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