How much time it will take to finish Borderlands 3:

Well it is based on which types of side missions you complete.

Borderlands 3 is set to be released on PS4, Xbox One & PC on 13 September 2019 & it will launch on Google Stadia later in 2019. Those who have been waiting for the game, must not worry because Borderlands 3 provides a lot of content.

Borderlands 3 is the fourth main installment in the loot shooter which will conclude the series. First Borderlands took around 20 hours to finish it. It was followed by part 2 which took 30 hours to finish & then the Pre-Sequel took about 17 hours in completion. The upcoming game will take more than 30 hours to finish it, & it offers the same length as the second part.

The missions in Borderlands 3 will be challenging if you do not complete side missions which will let you upgrade your character. The side missions of Borderlands 3 would take from a minute to more than 45 minutes. Some of the missions will be divided into multiple parts which will take place across the universe on more than 1 planet. After completing the game, end game content will be unlocked along with the game’s new game plus, True Vault Hunter Mode. So it will take more hours to complete the full game.

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