Yakuza 7 will feature a new protagonist & its gameplay is changed to turn based combat:

Yakuza series will release on other platforms as well. The series is PlayStation exclusive & all of its games released only on PlayStation. Sega confirmed it now that Yakuza series will be a multi-platform. Yakuza 7 will be the next main installment in the series. There are 2 reasons why fans are happy to see next Yakuza.

There is no more main protagonist Kazuma Kiryu in the game & he has been replaced by Ichiban Kasuga.

The gameplay of Yakuza 7 has changed from beat’em up to turn based combat.

Yakuza 7 is a PS4 exclusive game right now & neither any earlier games in the series have been announced for any other platform so far. However, one thing is sure that the series will make its way to other platforms.

Ichiban Kasuga is the main hero of Yakuza Online & he will play the role of the main character in Yakuza 7 as well. Yakuza 7 is set in Yokohama city while earlier Yakuza games were set in Kamarucho. The gameplay of Yakuza 7 is changed from beat’em up to turn based combat.


  1. Play the game just forget about how much it cost.


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