80-year-old grandma transforms into a young girl? How? Find it out in A Winter's Daydream:

It is a visual novel game. A strange incident converts an 80 years old grandma into a young girl.

A boy returns to his homeland after he has been in the city for a long period of time & he finds out that his grandma has changed into a pretty young girl.

Yuu is 19 years old & he does not like his younger sister, Otoko. He left home to study in the city but with the arrival of new year, he comes back to celebrate it with family members.

Yuu’s absence has not softened Otoko & she is as rude as ever before.

Yuu soon discovers that the home environment is intolerable so he chooses to flee once again – this time he visits his grandma’s village instead of going back to the city.

When he meets his grandma then he does not notice any change until one night, when both of them see a star streaking through the sky.

The next morning, Yuu enters kitchen to find a pretty young girl who looks like his grandma & he asks her “who are you?”. The girl reveals that she is his grandma.

Now you need to find out the reason behind his grandma’s transformation. Can you restore her back to her original self?

A Winter's Daydream includes around 3 - 4 hours of reading. The story of the game has no decisions or branches.

A Winter's Daydream Specifications:

  • Genre: Indie, Simulation
  • Developer: ebi-hime
  • Publisher: ebi-hime
  • Release Date: Available
  • Platforms: PC Windows, Mac, Linux, & Xbox One

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