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Audica Review:

Audica is a hybrid game which combines features of first person shooter & rhythm game. You have equipped 2 blasters in this game, & you need to shoot targets to match the rhythm of the song. Audica is developed for Virtual reality.

Watch action in this game from first person view. In the background of Audica you can watch nebulaes & galaxies. Control a hero in this game who has equipped blue & orange color blasters, & your objective is to use your color weapon to shoot targets of the same color to the rhythm of the music. You will earn score for every successful hit & if you want to get maximum score & want to find a top position in the online ranking, you must not only match rhythm, but also shoot with precision.

Audica Gameplay:

Audica game includes a campaign & a training mode which can help you upgrade abilities. Also you can decide from 4 levels of difficulty.

The game combines music with accurate shooting, & everything is set in space. Also enjoy the exciting songs.

It is a rhythm shooter available on VR. You have equipped 2 rhythm blasters in this game that can be used to shoot to the beat of the music which is composed by famous artists. If you shoot with higher timing & precision, you will earn higher score. Higher score will let you find a higher rank in online leaderboards.

Use your orange & blue blasters to shoot color matching targets to the beat of music. If you play this game on higher difficulties, the gameplay is challenging. If you are looking for a higher place on online leaderboards, then you must practice.

Audica Specifications:

  • Genre: Action & Indie
  • Developer: Harmonix Music Systems, Inc
  • Publisher: Harmonix Music Systems, Inc
  • Release Date: Available in Early Access
  • Platforms: PC Windows, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, PS4 & PS VR

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