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Arise: A Simple Story lets you relive an old man’s life

Arise: A Simple Story is a different game as it allows you to relive an old man’s life:

Watch Arise: A Simple Story reveal trailer.

Arise: A Simple Story Reveal Trailer

Arise: A Simple Story is a very different game. Arise: A Simple Story is set to be launched on 3 December 2019 on PS4, Xbox One & PC for the price of $20. This game narrates the story of an old man who dies, & then wakes up. He receives the skill to look back on his life & relive it.

The story of Arise begins with the death of an old man. In a ritual funeral, people burns his body & then he awakens. He discovers that he is able to relive important events of his life.

Arise: A Simple Story

Every stage shows an important moment in the protagonist’s life. You can control the movement of character using one stick & use the other stick to manipulate time.

Arise: A Simple Story Screenshot

Moving right analog stick to the right can let you shift time to different points of the day. The environment of this game alters as you shift from morning to night, & also it alters the position of the sun. The man does not move but everything surrounding him shifts in time. Time control lets you overcome obstacles. For example, you want to jump on top of a mushroom but you can’t reach its top. By shifting time, a snail would appear & you can jump on top of the snail back & then shift time again so that the snail passes by the mushroom & it is time to jump on top of the mushroom.

Another different feature of Arise is that there are no spoken or written words. You can just see visuals & enjoy the music. Visuals & music are the language of Arise.

Arise: A Simple Story is playable in local co-op mode. 1 player moves the character & another player manipulates time in co-op. You can enter or leave co-op (you can switch from 2 players to single player).

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