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We have added everything we know about Heroland including its review, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

Heroland Review:

Heroland provides players an authentic role playing adventure game.

You will take the role of a guide in Heroland & you need to help tour teams to endure the creatures & mazes of the game. Customize the strategies of guest characters, repair the weapons they have, & cure them when they receive damage from enemies. When you proceed through the gameplay, things will become difficult so you need to purchase comics to buff your guests’ stats, or control a creature to battle for you.

Heroland is a single player role playing game about a theme park where guests can discover the dangerous dungeons, defeat villains, & become champions – while you are protecting them.

It is a role playing game where paying guests can go on quests. You play as a tour guide, who does not do any combat himself & your job is to only provide instructions & strategies to guests to help them win the battle against monsters.

Heroland Story:

You will control Lucky in this game who is an ordinary guy & he is doing job as a tour guide to support his family.

You are doing a job of a guide who must lead heroes safely through the dungeons filled with creatures. Customize strategies, repair their weaponry, & manage objects to endure.

Heroland Gameplay:

Recruit more than twenty characters, including upright knights, phantom themes & more characters.

There are multiple things you can do such as customizing your guests’ strategies, weapons, & more, also you can bring home some treasure to decorate your room.

You need to guide & make friendships with more than 20 guests, each of them have their unique missions & stories.

In this game creatures are not only your foes, they are your co-workers as well.

The protagonist does not fight against monsters & he does not care about collecting XP or loot from beaten bosses. His role is to make guests happy so that he can receive wealth to feed his hungry family. May be the guests are not good fighters so it is your responsibility to help them win the battle.

The tour guests need to fight the creatures on their own. You need to wait for the Assistance meter to fill up. Once it is replenished then you can give advice to help them achieve victory. Give squad based strategies or give instructions to each person about their next move.

Heroland Specifications:

  • Genre: RPG
  • Developer: FURYU Corporation
  • Publisher: XSEED Games, Marvelous USA, Inc.
  • Release Date: 3 December 2019
  • Platforms: PC Windows, PS4 & Nintendo Switch

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