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Sturmwind Release Trailer:

Watch Sturmwind official release trailer.

Sturmwind Release Trailer

Sturmwind EX Trailer:

Watch Sturmwind EX official trailer.

Sturmwind EX Trailer

Sturmwind EX Review:

Sturmwind EX is a shoot them up video game like old arcade games. Sturmwind EX allows you to play mission mode with all sixteen levels & your progress is saved with every completed level. Or play arcade mode which contains six levels & no continues.

There are multiple weapons available in this game.

Sturmwind EX Review
Sturmwind EX Review

The visuals of Sturmwind EX are mind blowing & unbelievable. Total number of levels are sixteen with a giant boss at the end of each level. You need to beat the boss in order to progress. There are three levels of difficulty (easy, medium & hard), & many enemy types are available. The weapons are able to fire at the front & at the back which is an incredible feature. If you love side scrolling shoot them ups then this game is for you.

The horizontal levels of Sturmwind are awesome. Sometimes things look a little confusing in first walkthrough but soon you can be adapted to.

Sturmwind EX first launched on Dreamcast in 2013. The DC version of this game is just called Sturmwind.
Sturmwind EX does not include the Dreamcast introduction & does not feel as polished overall. So the Dreamcast version of this game is a better version. However, it is a solid shooter & if you can’t play DC version of this game (Sturmwind) then Sturmwind EX is a best option.

Sturmwind EX is a horizontally scrolling shoot them up game, but at some section of this game, the scrolling changes to vertical.

Sturmwind is developed by Duranik & published by RedSpotGames.

Sturmwind EX Gameplay Features:

Sturmwind EX Gameplay
Sturmwind EX Gameplay

  • Sturmwind EX contains sixteen levels
  • Three levels of difficulty are available in this game
  • Controls of Sturmwind EX are configurable
  • Players can select different weapons
  • Weapons in this game are upgradable
  • Extra superweapons are also available such as superbeam & smartbombs
  • Sturmwind EX includes over twenty giant bosses
  • Many different types of foes are available in Sturmwind EX
  • You can upload your high score to online leaderboards

Sturmwind EX Specifications:

  • Genre: Action, Indie
  • Developer: b-alive, Duranik
  • Publisher: b-alive
  • Release Date: 8 November 2019
  • Platforms: PC Windows, Nintendo Switch & Xbox One

Sturmwind EX Walkthrough:

Watch Sturmwind EX gameplay walkthrough.

Sturmwind EX Walkthrough

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